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July 3, 2013  2:45 PM

There’s Big Doings in the Solid State Flash Storage Market

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
flash, flash drives, fusion-io, hitachi, seagate, solid-state, ssd, western digital

Remember the great Storage Industry Implosion of 2011, as a number of vendors all started swallowing each other up? Now it’s happening in the area of

June 7, 2013  5:06 PM

A Look at the NSA Recordings as a Big Data Storage Problem

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
big data, data center, data storage, federal government, flash, flash drives

Legality and ethics aside -- which is something for the law and politics blogs to talk about -- the interesting part about the alleged NSA tracking issue are the logistical issues involved. How much data is there? How did the NSA manage it? Where did they put it? “The NSA is storing all those...

February 28, 2013  12:19 AM

Storage Startup Market Heats Up

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, dell, flash, flash drives, fusion-io, solid-state

The storage industry is exciting. No, really. People are throwing millions of dollars at storage startups, which apparently seem more secure to them than things like Facebook. "In Silicon Valley,

August 29, 2012  11:02 PM

Micron CEO Talks About First Six Months on the Job

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
flash, micron, ssd

This week was supposed to be Mark Durcan's last. In late January, he'd announced his retirement from Micron, the U.S.'s only memory chip maker and second largest worldwide after Samsung. Instead, the following week, CEO

December 23, 2011  12:48 AM

Solid-State Storage Gets Boost From Flooding

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
flash, solid-state

The Thailand flooding that's boosted the price of hard disk drives may have an unintended benefit -- at least if you're a manufacturer or user of solid-state flash...

December 9, 2011  12:46 AM

Intel, Micron Double Flash Capacity

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
20nm, flash, intel, micron, ssd

This past summer, we started hearing about developments that would make it possible to have a 1-terabyte drive on a laptop. The heck with that. How about a 1-terabyte thumb...

August 6, 2011  11:05 PM

Flash Storage Gets Big Boost With EBay Win

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
flash, nimbus, ssd

The conventional wisdom has always been that solid state "flash" storage offered higher performance but cost more, making it too expensive to replace spinning disk technology other than in certain high-performance applications. However, eBay is putting that notion to bed by


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