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February 28, 2013  12:19 AM

Storage Startup Market Heats Up

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, dell, flash, flash drives, fusion-io, solid-state

The storage industry is exciting. No, really. People are throwing millions of dollars at storage startups, which apparently seem more secure to them than things like Facebook. "In Silicon Valley,

October 19, 2011  10:47 PM

Dell, EMC are Splitsville

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
compellent, dell, emc

We've all seen it happen. A couple gets together and things seem great for a while. Then they start pulling apart. They might even start seeing other people. By the time the split finally comes, it's not only anticlimactic but almost a relief. That's probably how it feels for EMC now that Dell...

June 6, 2011  7:52 PM

Disk Storage Systems Sales Continue to Show Good Growth

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
dell, emc, hitachi, hp, ibm, idc storage revenues, netapp

IDC recently released its Q1 disk storage systems sales figures, and there's good news and...well, actually, it's pretty much just good news, unless you're Dell or a small vendor. Here's several aspects of the good news:

  • 13.2% growth in external disk storage factory revenues year...


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