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March 27, 2014  7:44 PM

‘dataSTICKIES’? Sure! Let’s Store 32 GB of Data On a Strip of Scotch Tape!

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, file sharing, flash drives, memory stick, research, thumb, thumb drives

Earlier this month, a number of websites went gaga over something called dataSTICKIES, a graphene-based storage system that would enable you to store up to 32 gb on a narrow multicolored Post-It that could upload data  simply by being stuck anywhere on a particular conductive material on a...

November 29, 2013  12:17 AM

How Not to Throw $7.5 Million In the Garbage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, data storage

However bad a day you might have had lately, it can’t compare with that of James Howells. Howells is the guy from Wales who realized that the hard disk he threw away actually contained a cryptographic key giving him access to Bitcoin – the

October 22, 2013  9:19 PM

Facebook Demonstrates That It’s Outstanding In Its Cold Storage Field

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data center, data storage, facebook, open compute

So the newest thing lately is to design a top-seekrit data center, and then invite the media to come take a look at it and take pictures. Google did it a while back, now it's Facebook's turn. You may recall that...

September 18, 2013  11:13 PM

xkcd Author Addresses NSA Data Size Issue; Hilarity Ensues

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
bandwidth, data storage, google, government, station wagons

Faithful readers of this blog are aware that we sometimes visit the issue of "what is the bandwidth of a station wagon full of magnetic tapes speeding down the...

July 30, 2013  11:38 AM

What Freezing Light Means for Data Storage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, research

We're always into the geekly here at Yottabytes, like data under glass and so on. Naturally, we were fascinated to read about "freezing" light and its implications for data storage. If you missed it, a 

June 7, 2013  5:06 PM

A Look at the NSA Recordings as a Big Data Storage Problem

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
big data, data center, data storage, federal government, flash, flash drives

Legality and ethics aside -- which is something for the law and politics blogs to talk about -- the interesting part about the alleged NSA tracking issue are the logistical issues involved. How much data is there? How did the NSA manage it? Where did they put it? “The NSA is storing all those...

February 28, 2013  12:19 AM

Storage Startup Market Heats Up

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, dell, flash, flash drives, fusion-io, solid-state

The storage industry is exciting. No, really. People are throwing millions of dollars at storage startups, which apparently seem more secure to them than things like Facebook. "In Silicon Valley,

February 20, 2013  11:11 PM

Attack of the Pod People! Backblaze Updates Its Storage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backblaze, data storage, facebook

A funny thing happened on the way to Backblaze's automated backup product -- it sort of turned into a storage design company. The company has been known for some time for its storage designs, which, instead of making real real big storage, uses a whole whole lot of commodity storage devices...

February 13, 2013  9:45 PM

Data Migrations Suck. Here’s a Survey to Prove It.

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, migration

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February 7, 2013  1:06 AM

Supreme Court May Decide What ‘Storage’ Is

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, cloud storage, data storage, government

What is storage? That's the question that the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is asking the Supreme Court to decide, in a friend-of-the-court brief it has filed in the case of

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