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April 12, 2013  1:36 PM

Sure! Let’s Build a New Data Center Below Sea Level!

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data sovereignty, disaster recovery, earthquake, fire

You'd think that, when planning a new data center, "Not Underwater" would be a primary criterion, but apparently that's not true. At least, that's the observation

November 14, 2011  6:23 PM

What Nationality is Your Data, Round Two

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, copyright, data sovereignty, privacy

A group of major U.S. vendors such asĀ Google, Microsoft, Citigroup, IBM, and GE, working under the aegis of the National Foreign Trade Council, is urging the United States to fight for trade rules that protect the free flow of information over the Internet, and against

July 6, 2011  10:15 PM

National Control: the Issue of Data Sovereignty

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, data sovereignty, privacy

What nationality is your data? It might sound like a funny question, but in these days of multinational companies, data in the cloud, software as a service, and worldwide replication, it's deadly serious. It's particularly becoming an issue for companies outside the U.S. that are concerned...


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