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September 27, 2012  11:11 AM

3 Things the New York Times Data Center Story Left Out

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
amazon, cloud computing, cloud storage, data center, data storage, disaster recovery, facebook, flash drives, google, open compute, solid-state, ssd, vmware

Certainly this won't be the only blog post calling New York Times writer James Glanz to task for his features on

June 30, 2012  3:24 PM

Cloud Storage Proves Not So Resilient After All

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, disaster recovery

Oh, hey, just put all your stuff in the cloud. It has IT people to watch it and take care of it, and if there's any sort of problem, it's replicated in other places so you'll still have access to it whenever you want. Remember that? It turns out, not so much. Major Internet services such...

June 28, 2012  7:04 PM

Google Docs Adds Offline Support

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, dropbox

In a move that has been expected for the past month -- and desired for much longer than that -- Google has made it possible for Google Docs users to edit documents offline and then synchronize them when the user logs back in again. Google called offline editing "one of its

May 28, 2012  11:21 PM

Where’s the White House Going to Put All That Data?

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
big data, cloud computing, digital government, federal government, meritalk, obama

While the White House released its digital government plan last week, it appears to have left out one major factor: just where the heck all that data is going to be stored, especially when storage already appears to be an issue for federal agencies, according to a recent survey. The

December 19, 2011  1:08 AM

Heck With Nasuni’s Top 6; Let’s Hear the Bottom 10

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, cloud storage, nasuni

Maybe people like to hear about losers? That's the conclusion after Nasuni Corp. released its State of Cloud Storage Providers Industry Benchmark Report. Over a period of 26 months, the company stress-tested a total of 16 cloud storage vendors to...

November 14, 2011  6:23 PM

What Nationality is Your Data, Round Two

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, copyright, data sovereignty, privacy

A group of major U.S. vendors such as Google, Microsoft, Citigroup, IBM, and GE, working under the aegis of the National Foreign Trade Council, is urging the United States to fight for trade rules that protect the free flow of information over the Internet, and against

July 18, 2011  4:26 PM

Why It’s Dangerous to Rely on the Cloud — At Least, If You Use Comcast

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, broadband, cap, cloud computing, comcast

It's not always fun to be right. Less than three weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the downsides of backing up to the cloud vs. backing up to one's own storage, talking about several potential problems, including that of (as Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet

July 12, 2011  8:37 PM

Citrix, VMware Square Off for Cloud Virtualization

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
amazon, citrix, cloud computing, cloud.com, microsoft, vmware

Today was a big day for people interested in both virtualization and the cloud, with Citrix buying Cloud.com and VMware announcing what it said was a cloud infrastructure platform. The two announcements put the companies in competition not only with each other but with other cloud infrastructure...

July 6, 2011  10:15 PM

National Control: the Issue of Data Sovereignty

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud computing, data sovereignty, privacy

What nationality is your data? It might sound like a funny question, but in these days of multinational companies, data in the cloud, software as a service, and worldwide replication, it's deadly serious. It's particularly becoming an issue for companies outside the U.S. that are concerned...


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