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March 31, 2014  10:58 PM

Ready for the Post World Backup Day Sales?

Posted by: Sharon Fisher

The crumpled wrapping paper litters the floor, and tomorrow is half-price chocolate disk drives. Yes, another World Backup Day -- the fourth -- has come and gone. The World Backup Day website explains it all, right down to defining "backup" -- "A...

November 29, 2013  12:17 AM

How Not to Throw $7.5 Million In the Garbage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, data storage

However bad a day you might have had lately, it can’t compare with that of James Howells. Howells is the guy from Wales who realized that the hard disk he threw away actually contained a cryptographic key giving him access to Bitcoin – the

April 29, 2013  7:07 PM

Everything Wrong With Jingming Zhang’s Rutgers Laptop Theft in 1,059 Words

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backblaze, backup, backups, cloud storage, dropbox, flash drives, google drive, law enforcement, memory stick, online backup, replication, skydrive, thumb drives, world backup day, youtube

Jingming Zhang is one unlucky SOB. After five years of research, as he was working on the thesis required for his PhD in chemistry from Rutgers University, the laptop containing all of his data was reportedly stolen from an unlocked lab in the college. Zhang wrote a note and put up flyers about...

March 28, 2013  6:00 PM

Ready for World Backup Day?

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, world backup day

Got your party scheduled? The traditional foods made? Your gift list ready? Sunday is World Backup Day! Now in its third year, the event -- deliberately scheduled for the day before April Fool's Day, to ensure your data is backed up in the case of a...

February 7, 2013  1:06 AM

Supreme Court May Decide What ‘Storage’ Is

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, cloud storage, data storage, government

What is storage? That's the question that the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is asking the Supreme Court to decide, in a friend-of-the-court brief it has filed in the case of

December 20, 2012  7:59 PM

Lanza’s Hard Drive Next Focus in Sandy Hook School Shooting

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, data storage, government, law enforcement, recovery, solid-state, ssd

It shouldn't be any surprise in this incident, about which nothing makes any sense, but it isn't clear what the status is of Adam Lanza's computer hard drive, which was smashed/damaged/destroyed by a hammer/screwdriver/sharp object that left data on it irretrievable/able to be recovered, according...

October 18, 2012  10:00 AM

New Looks at Backing Up Oracle

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, backups, big data, cloud storage

All of a sudden, backing up Oracle databases is big news, with Wikibon and Amazon Web Services each releasing new insights about how to do it. What makes this a big deal? As Wikibon mentions, nearly 30% of...

August 25, 2012  11:04 PM

Amazon Also Announces ‘Cold Storage,’ Called Glacier

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
amazon, backup, backups, cloud storage, data preservation, digital dark ages, digital preservation, facebook

Delayed-retrieval low-cost storage is suddenly cool. Last week it was Facebook's Sub-Zero. This week it's

August 19, 2012  10:36 PM

Facebook to Use ‘Hard Drive Thermostat’ in ‘Sub-Zero’ Backup Facility

Posted by: Sharon Fisher

Remember when Facebook started designing its own servers and data center? And then its own disk drives? Now it's designing its own...

May 14, 2012  6:02 PM

‘Toy Story 2′ Lost Its Backup, Too

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backup, toy story 2

Postscript to the "Prince of Persia" backup recovery story from a month ago -- in the process of researching...

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