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May, 2013


May 31, 2013  5:57 PM

Judge Reverses Himself on Revealing Encryption Keys in Child Porn Case

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
encryption, government, privacy

Courts have been ruling one way or another in the past few years about whether someone accused of encrypting incriminating information needs to reveal the encryption key to law enforcement. Now we actually have a case where the judge reversed himself. In April,

May 27, 2013  10:55 AM

Flickr Starts Online Storage Arms Race

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
box, cloud storage, google

There's a new arms race, which all started a week ago when Yahoo! announced that users of its Flickr online photo-sharing service would get 1 terabyte of storage each, free. The mind reels. "To

May 19, 2013  10:05 PM

Judge Derides Google for Saying Search is Hard

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
apple, computer assisted review, e-discovery, ediscovery, google, samsung

It isn't the first time that the Apple-Samsung case has come up in an electronic discovery context, but in the bravo-for-life's-little-ironies department, Google was...

May 8, 2013  10:42 PM

EMC’s ‘The Lazy Song’ Makes Way for ‘When I Was Your Man’

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
big data, emc, ibm, tucci, vmware

It's ironic that EMC's EMC World party is featuring Bruno Mars, whose most recent hit, "


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