Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery:

November, 2012


November 28, 2012  4:10 PM

Governments Behaving Badly With Personal Data

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, encryption, government

There's been a couple of instances recently where government agencies have been careless with data, losing access to personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers. First, a NASA laptop that...

November 21, 2012  2:51 PM

Fingerpointing Abounds In HP-Autonomy $8.8 Billion Debacle

Posted by: Sharon Fisher

Acquisitions are hard. HP announced this week that it was being forced to write off $8.8 billion of the $9.7 billion cost of its year-old acquisition of Autonomy. Let...

November 15, 2012  8:10 PM

Exabyte, Zettabyte, Yottabyte…Then What? Opinions Vary

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
big data, data storage, intel, seagate

When I first started this blog almost two years ago, I called it "yottabytes" because that was the term commonly accepted for the biggest size of storage (1000^8, or a 10 followed by 24 zeroes, compared with, say, 1000^4 for a terabyte). But as people are actually starting to refer to petabytes...

November 8, 2012  3:01 PM

What Hooters Can Teach You About E-Discovery

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
computer assisted review, e-discovery, predictive coding, technology assisted review

When one thinks of E-discovery pioneers, one doesn't tend to think of Hooters. But a recent legal case with the, ahem, female-oriented restaurant has ramifications for the E-discovery industry, specifically in the area of predictive...

November 1, 2012  10:00 AM

Sandy Tests Data Centers’ Disaster Recovery Skills

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
amazon, cloud, disaster recovery

Though there have been a number of data center outages associated with the Sandy megastorm, and it's not over yet, what may be most surprising is how little disruption it actually caused -- particularly in comparison to the


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