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March 14, 2011  12:10 PM

Man-made disasters: Good teaching opportunity about risks of inadequate data protection

Posted by: Eric Slack
Data protection, disaster recovery planning, Eric Slack, Gmail, Storage Channel

While a lot of attention is paid to natural disasters, the truth is that natural disasters don’t hold a candle to the man-made variety, in terms of the impact on IT and

March 7, 2011  5:10 PM

Data storage hardware: It’s not all commodity

Posted by: Eric Slack
commodity hardware, Data storage hardware, Eric Slack, Storage Channel

I wrote recently about how VARs are in need of a good

February 21, 2011  11:08 AM

Cloud e-discovery: An answer to a question IT isn’t comfortable asking

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud storage, e-discovery, Eric Slack, Storage Channel

A sales trainer once said, “Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” You don’t want to create an objection that you can’t resolve. Said another way, you shouldn’t...

February 14, 2011  12:03 PM

How to perform an SSD test

Posted by: Eric Slack
Eric Slack, flash storage, SSD test, SSDs, Storage Channel

In a previous post I discussed the process of comparing SSDs and how it’s a little different from evaluating traditional hard disk drive (HDD) storage systems. First off,

February 6, 2011  5:42 PM

Hybrid cloud storage is a natural play for VARs

Posted by: Eric Slack
Eric Slack, Hybrid cloud storage, Storage Channel

Jacob Gsoedl’s Storage...

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January 31, 2011  1:00 PM

Block-based storage system options for medium-sized enterprises (MSEs)

Posted by: Eric Slack
Eric Slack, medium-sized enterprises (MSEs), storage arrays, Storage Channel

There are a lot of truly innovative storage technologies available today, many of which I’ve written about in this blog. These include scale-out and scale-up systems, storage appliances...

January 24, 2011  11:07 AM

How to compare SSDs with one another

Posted by: Eric Slack
Eric Slack, solid-state storage, SSDs, Storage Channel

As solid-state drives (   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 10, 2011  10:39 AM

Noteworthy channel solutions of 2010, Part 2

Posted by: Eric Slack
Data storage vendors, Eric Slack, Storage Channel

At Storage Switzerland we get technology briefings almost every day, and sometimes twice a day, which adds up to a lot of new products over the course of the year. In last week’s

January 2, 2011  10:08 PM

Noteworthy storage channel solutions of 2010

Posted by: Eric Slack
Data storage vendors, Eric Slack, Storage Channel

I’m going to start the new year out with a listing of some of the technologies and products that I thought were interesting and significant in 2010. Some of these companies and products...

December 20, 2010  9:09 PM

Primary storage data reduction: Combine compression and deduplication

Posted by: Eric Slack
compression, Data deduplication, Eric Slack, Primary storage data reduction, Storage Channel

Data reduction is one of those...

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