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September 12, 2011  11:50 AM

Making the hard drive cost question easier to answer

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud storage, Eric Slack, hard drive cost, hard drives, Storage Channel, Storage systems

Every VAR has heard the hard drive cost question: “Why does adding storage to my disk array cost so much when I can buy a 2 TB disk drive for less than $100?” The answer is some...

August 29, 2011  10:59 AM

Cloud consulting: Having the ‘cloud talk’ with customers

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud computing, cloud consulting, cloud storage, Eric Slack, Storage Channel

There are lots of cloud products that your customers can buy, most of which are available for VARs to sell. The cloud is everywhere, and marketers have latched on to it as some kind of a...

August 22, 2011  12:05 PM

Cloud storage gateways can help VARs set up a cloud storage service

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud storage, cloud storage gateways, Eric Slack, Hybrid cloud storage, Storage Channel

For users, cloud storage offers a number of potential benefits, one of the primary ones being scalability. They can buy the capacity they need, when they need it and unhook themselves...

August 15, 2011  12:26 PM

Flash SSD caching solves the data placement question

Posted by: Eric Slack
caching appliances, Eric Slack, flash memory, solid-state drives, solid-state storage, SSD, Storage Channel

Flash-based solid-state storage devices are becoming a more...

August 8, 2011  10:36 AM

RDX: Plugging cloud storage holes

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud backup, cloud storage, Eric Slack, RDX, Storage Channel

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August 1, 2011  10:18 AM

Solving the IOPS problem

Posted by: Eric Slack
Eric Slack, IOPS, Storage Channel, Storage performance

In a recent article, Jeff Boles broaches a subject that’s probably at the forefront of many storage meetings that VARs have with their clients:

July 18, 2011  8:53 AM

VAR/vendor disconnect

Posted by: Eric Slack
channel partner programs, Eric Slack, Storage Channel, vendor partner business issues

What, are you NEW here?


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July 5, 2011  12:11 PM

Building a cloud infrastructure without the cost and risk

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud computing infrastructure, Eric Slack, MSPs, Storage Channel

As the core of many MSPs’ client bases are turning to cloud providers to reduce IT costs, MSPs are facing some unpleasant alternatives. They can become a reseller of cloud services or take on the...

June 28, 2011  2:26 PM

Tackling the MSP challenge

Posted by: Eric Slack
cloud computing, Eric Slack, MSPs, Storage Channel

MSPs are in kind of a tough situation. Their customers are increasingly looking at outsourced IT services from cloud providers, potentially taking away a big chunk of what has traditionally been their...

June 20, 2011  8:28 AM

VAR opportunity in ‘best of need’ solutions

Posted by: Eric Slack
best of breed, Eric Slack, replication, Storage Channel

Randy Kerns made a good point in a blog recently. He said that IT customers are looking for “

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