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January 2, 2014  2:00 PM

Why would I want to use a non-durable in memory table?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Database Administration, Database Design, In Memory Tables, Non-Durable In Memory Tables, SQL, SQL Server, SQL Server 2014, Tables, Transaction Log

With SQL Server 2014 we were introduced to in memory tables, and specifically the ability to use non-durable in memory tables....

October 16, 2013  2:00 PM

Replication and VLFs

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Database, Replication, SQL Server, SQL Server 2008 R2, Storage, System Objects, Transaction Log

Every once in a while you run across a problem that shouldn't be causing people as much problems as it is, yet there it is causing all sorts of problems for long...

May 1, 2013  2:00 PM

I’m using simple recovery, so the log file isn’t important right?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Bulk Logged Recovery Model, Database Administration, Full Recovery Model, Manageability, Recovery Model, Simple Recovery Model, SQL Server, Storage, Transaction Log

One of the big myths of SQL Server resolves around the transaction log, and how it's used with the simple recovery model. Many people think that...

January 12, 2012  2:00 PM

SQL Server 2012 Class March 19-22, 2012

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Class, Encryption, MCM, Permissions, Security, SQL Server, Training, Transaction Log

This March I, Microsoft MVP for SQL Server and Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server 2008 Denny Cherry, am teaching a 4 day class introducing SQL Server 2012.  This four day class is being offered for only $1200 for four full days of training on...

July 11, 2011  2:00 PM

Transaction log growth best practices

Posted by: Denny Cherry
SQL Server, Transaction Log

There is a lot of talk online about transaction log growth and what you should do. There are two answers to this question, and in this post I'll give you both answers. The theoretical answer is that you want to grow your transaction logs in 8 gig chunks. This will maximize the amount of space...

June 9, 2010  3:50 PM

What’s the best way to really screw up my transaction log files?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
SQL Server, Transaction Log

Managing the space used by your SQL Server transaction logs is pretty easy. If the database is in full recovery mode then do transaction log backups on a regular basis.  Typically every 15-60 minutes. The second option is to put the database into Simple recovery mode.  If you need the...


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