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August 6, 2012  10:00 AM

Vendor Apps and AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Posted by: Denny Cherry
AlwaysOn, Availability Groups, Database, Microsoft Cluster Service, MSCS, SQL Server, SQL Server 2012, SSMS

By now hopefully everyone knows about AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL Server 2012 and the high availability options that they provide to databases.  One problem with AlwaysOn Availability Groups when combined with third party applications is that the third party application may configure the...

March 13, 2008  8:00 AM

SQL 2008 prevents schema changes if the table must be dropped

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Config, SQL, SQL Server 2008, SSMS

When editing the table schema in the SQL Server 2008 UI and the required change requires that the table needs to be dropped and recreated by default the UI will not let you make the change. The kinds of changes that would require that the table be dropped and recreated would be inserting a...

February 7, 2008  12:20 AM

New Paper Published: Picking the Right Instrument for SQL Server Performance Management

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Article, In Person Events, Quest Software, SoSSE, SQL, SQL Server 2005, SSMS

The folks at Quest Software asked me to write a paper for them discussing the differences between managing a SQL Server using just the Microsoft provided tools and their Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise product.  That paper has just been released and can be downloaded

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January 28, 2008  11:56 PM

Slide Decks and Sample Code from SoCal Code Camp

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Beta, Cache, CLR, Config, In Person Events, Query tuning, Resource Governor, SQL, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SSMS

The SoCal Code Camp was this last weekend.  I had a great time attending and speaking at the code camp this time around.   I hope that everyone who attended my sessions had as much fun attending the sessions as I did speaking at them.  I did my best to make them as much fun and interactive as I...


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