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March 17, 2009  10:50 PM

Slide Decks and Sample code from Quest Day with the Experts

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Brent Ozar, In Person Events, Quest Software, Service Broker, SQLServerPedia.com

The slide decks and sample code that Brent and I presented with have been uploaded.  The recordings have to be...

March 12, 2009  11:00 AM

Back To Basics: Reading an Execution Plan

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Back To Basics, Execution Plan, Index Performance, SQL, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008

All to often when helping people look at query performance problems I'll ask them to look at the execution plan, and see what it says.  Most query performance problems can be resolved simply by looking at the execution plan and seeing where you need to add an index. All to often I (and others)...

March 9, 2009  11:00 AM

Handy script for use when looking at blocking

Posted by: Denny Cherry
ASPState, Blocking, sys.dm_exec_sql_text, sys.sysprocesses

A while back I was looking at a clients database and we were looking at why the ASPState database was having blocking issues.  So I through this script together to show not only the blocked processes, but also the blocking processes, but also include the name of the stored procedure as well as the...

March 5, 2009  10:59 AM

Steps to Troubleshoot Connections to your SQL Server

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Connection Issues, Forums, Tech support

People ask all the time why they can't connect to their SQL Server. Here are some thoubleshooting steps that they should take in order to find out what the problem is. Please keep in mind that without knowledge of your specific problem I can only point you towards the right direction.

February 23, 2009  11:00 AM

What exactly is a NULL?

Posted by: Denny Cherry

NULL values are something that a lot of people just don't understand the use off. Continued »

February 16, 2009  9:53 PM

Processing XML files with SQL Server functions

Posted by: Denny Cherry
OPENXML, SearchSQLServer.com, XML

I just published a new article on SearchSQLServer.com called Processing XML files with SQL Server...

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February 3, 2009  2:47 AM

Rights to System Stored Procedures

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Permissions, System Objects

Why on earth to people want to go changing the rights on the system objects. Continued »

February 2, 2009  1:31 PM

Back To Basics: Clustered vs NonClustered Indexes; what’s the difference?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Back To Basics, Clustered Index, Index, Nonclustered Index

SQL Server has two basics kinds of indexes. They are clustered and nonclustered indexes. There are some fundamental differences to the two which are key to understanding before you can master index tuning.

January 26, 2009  12:00 PM

Back To Basics: What are indexes and what are they used for?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Back To Basics, Identity theft, Index, Index Scan

A while back someone posted on the ITKE forum asking what Indexes where, and what they were used for. I put up a quick answer, but I felt that it deserved a more in depth blog post; so here it is.

January 22, 2009  3:00 PM

Viewing SQL Server Plan Guides

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Code Snippet, Plan Guides, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, sys.plan_guides

So you've saved a plan guide into your SQL server, and you want to look at the plan.  You can Query the sys.plan_guides catalog view and see the data exactly as you entered it, which works fine if you just have a hint in there.  But if you have a full XML query plan that isn't going to do you a...

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