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May 10, 2012  2:00 PM

Presenting is Actually Hard Work

Posted by: Denny Cherry
SQL Bits, SQL Server, SQL Server Days, Tech Ed

As I've been going through the process of getting my slide decks for Tech Ed, SQL Server Day 2012 and SQL Rally I've recome reminded that this whole process of writing presentations is actually pretty hard work.  Writting abstracts and getting them submitted is the easiest part of the entire...

April 2, 2012  2:00 PM

My First #sqlbits Experience

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Buck Woody, SQL Bits, SQL Server, Stacia Misner

So I arrived home from my first SQL Bits conference, which was the 10th SQL Bits event (they do two a year).  I've got to say that I had a great time at the conference.  SQL Bits, if you aren't away is a three day event with the first day (Thursday) being all...

March 8, 2012  2:00 PM

Less SQL Saturday’s for me this year

Posted by: Denny Cherry
SQL Bits, SQL PASS, SQL Saturday

I'm sad to say that I'm going to have to cut back on the number of SQL Saturday's that I'm going to be able to attend this year.  It's not because I don't love PASS, or SQL Saturday, or the attendees as much as I did before, because it's not.  I'm just so busy that I've been royally screwing up...

December 19, 2011  7:36 PM

Look out SQL Bits, here I come!

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, SQL Bits, SQL Server, Storage, Virtualization

That's right, I'm headed out to the SQL Bits conference in London, England.  Apparently I've been on my best behavior this year, because the guys at SQL Bits have even selected me to deliver a pre-con on the Training Day. My...


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