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January 24, 2011  2:00 PM

Your job is to make the systems run at their top performance.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Social Commentary, SQL Server, Storage

So I got an email from someone (and yes he told me that I can publish this post about it) because he was having an argument with his storage / systems team about LUN config for the SQL Servers.  He wanted smaller LUNs so that they could be more easily moved around if performance problems showed up...

December 28, 2010  11:33 PM

Some people really just don’t understand how the technology that runs their lives functions.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
New York Times, Social Commentary, SQL Server, Technology, Tom Groenfeldt

So I'm sitting at home reading an article on the NY Times website about the current travel mess in New England, and a statement within the article really scared me (about 2/3s of the way down).

"He wonders why during...

November 9, 2009  11:00 AM

#sqlpass is over. Some thought, comments, and reviews.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, PASS, Social Commentary, SQLServerPedia.com

The 2009 SQL PASS Summit has ended.  Our friends and extended family have made there way home, or are on there way home.  As I sit in the airport on Saturday on my way home to Southern California it seams like a good time to put down some thoughts about this years PASS Summit.

October 22, 2009  11:00 AM

How do you know when it’s time to refactor that database design?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Social Commentary, SQL

Software developers love re-factoring code.  And why shouldn't they.  It's quick (sometimes) and when done correctly it'll reduce the amount of code, and speed up application response time.  DBAs like re-factoring code as well.  We get the same benefits when done correctly.  Re-factoring the...

September 28, 2009  11:00 AM

No, I will not do your homework for you

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Social Commentary

If you are a computer science major, or taking a computer class of some sort, then by all means use the Internet for research.  That's what it's there for.  If you've written some code and it's just not working correctly then by app means post your question on a forum (with the code) and ask what...

April 2, 2009  11:00 AM

Me and Twitter

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Social Commentary, Twitter

Personally I don't get most of the social networking sites / products / whatever you want to call them. Continued »

March 30, 2009  5:01 AM

Did you know?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
2020 Vision, Did You Know, Karl Fisch, Social Commentary, What If

Hopefully you have seen one of the "Did you know" videos that are on the web.  If you haven't I highly recommend that you do.  I've included the four versions which I've found below. I've found these videos quite interesting to watch, especially as you watch the different versions and see the...

March 11, 2009  9:05 PM

What the hell is wrong with people?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Drunk in Public, MVP Summit, Social Commentary

I ran across the post A Culture of (Potential) Assholes: Sexual Harassment in IT on twitter today, and all I could think was "What the hell is wrong with people?" Before I go on, I'd like to go...

February 14, 2009  6:42 AM

A response to a response to my post about Open Source Software

Posted by: Denny Cherry
John Little, Open Source, Social Commentary

Shortly after I posted about a /....

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February 8, 2009  8:53 PM

Why are some open source people so adamant about doing a discervice to their users?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Open Source, Social Commentary

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