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February 10, 2011  2:00 PM

SQL Service Broker isn’t going anywhere.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Service Broker, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2012

All to often when I give a SQL Service Broker presentation, or when I'm talking to people about it they want to know what the odds are that SQL Service Broker will be removed from the platform like how Notification Services was ripped from the product after just one release. So here's just some...

August 16, 2010  11:00 AM

Slide decks for #sqlsat28

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, Service Broker, SQL Saturday, SQL Server, Virtualization

Over the weekend I went to SQL Saturday 28 over in Baton Rouge, LA.  I gave two sessions this weekend.  The first was "Getting SQL Service Broker Up and Running" and the second was "

March 25, 2010  11:00 AM

Using Service Broker instead of Replication

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Replication, Service Broker, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2

During my SQL Service Broker sessions I talk about using SQL Service Broker as a replacement for SQL Replication.  But I've never really documented how to do this other than bits and pieces here and there.  So here I'm going to try and spell out how I put a system like this together for an auto...

November 12, 2009  11:00 AM

Join me at the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group Meeting on November 18th

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, Service Broker

For those not at PDC or the Underground party on November 18th, 2009 ... Join me at the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group as I give a presentation all about SQL Service Broker.  The pizza starts at 6pm and the presentation starts at...

October 7, 2009  11:00 AM

Keep your databases off the Internet

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Service Broker, SQL Server

Over on the SecurityFightClub.com site I wrote a post about why database servers shouldn't be on the Internet. Denny

July 9, 2009  1:27 AM

Setting up SQL Server Service Broker for secure communication

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Article, SearchSQLServer.com, Service Broker, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008

Today a new article that I wrote was posted up on SearchSQLServer.com. The article is about setting up SQL Service Broker to use Certificates to secure the traffic between the...

June 22, 2009  11:00 AM

Here comes SoCal Code Camp

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Code Camp, Service Broker, SoCal Code Camp, Virtualization

SoCal Code Camp is coming up in a couple of weeks now on June 27th and 28th.  I'm presenting 3 sessions solo, and I'm one of a few people doing an IT Pro Pannel to allow Developers to grill some IT Pros to see why we do things the way we...

May 14, 2009  11:00 AM

Outside Queue to SSB adapter

Posted by: Denny Cherry
MSMQ, Open Source, Outside Queue to SSB Adapter, Service Broker

Something that I think that Microsoft should include with the SQL Service Broker is an adapter so that MSMQ messages (and other messaging systems as well) will flow automatically into the SQL Service Broker.  Since Microsoft hasn't gotten around to writing one I'm going to start. It shouldn't...

March 17, 2009  10:50 PM

Slide Decks and Sample code from Quest Day with the Experts

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Brent Ozar, In Person Events, Quest Software, Service Broker, SQLServerPedia.com

The slide decks and sample code that Brent and I presented with have been uploaded.  The recordings have to be...

January 18, 2009  1:04 PM

January 2009 Code Camp Presentations

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, Index Performance, Service Broker, SoCal Code Camp

With the SoCal Code Camp this weekend, I've managed to get my slide decks put together early enough to get them posted well in advance this time. Continued »

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