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December 29, 2008  11:00 AM

Order To Restore Database Backups In

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Backup & recovery, Restore Database, RESTORE LOG

I'm often asked (both online and offline) once you have all your database backups, in what order to they need to be restored in? I've actually asked this very question to senior level DBAs as an interview question before, and gotten some very interesting answers. When restoring your database...

August 25, 2008  11:00 AM

How to setup a server to read log files nightly.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Backup & recovery, KILL, Log Shipping, Recovery, RESTORE LOG, SQL Server 2005, xp_delete_file, xp_dirtree

So you've been tasked with setting up a quick and dirty reporting server.  The goal is to restore the log files from the production server to the reporting server nightly.  The backups are simple, use the SQL Maintenance plan to backup the logs, and then copy them to the remote machine.  But...


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