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January 15, 2009  3:47 AM

My first day with Windows 7

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Cisco VPN, RDP, Windows 7

Today was my first day using Windows 7 as my primary OS.  I took the time this afternoon to install Windows 7 and start getting everything set back up. Continued »

November 10, 2008  11:10 AM

How to fix when you can’t copy data when RDPed into a server

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Clipboard, RDP, rdpclip.exe

So you are RDPed into your SQL Server, and you are trying to copy a script from your desktop to the server, or from the server to your desktop.  But you can't for some reason.  All you get is what's in the local buffer. One option is to log out of the machine and log back in.  But this option...


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