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December 12, 2012  2:00 PM

The Least Expensive SQL Server 2012 High Availability Solution

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Database, Database Administration, Microsoft Cluster Service, Microsoft Windows, MSCS, SQL, SQL Server, SQL Server 2012, Storage

As we all know by now AlwaysOn Availability Groups are an enterprise edition feature and SQL Server Clustering is a standard edition feature.  Butt what happens when you have a small business that is running its apps on SQL Server Express.  Can't SQL Express have any sort of high...

November 7, 2012  2:00 PM

Passive AlwaysOn Replicas, not as free as you might think

Posted by: Denny Cherry
AlwaysOn, Availability Groups, Clustering, Database, Microsoft Cluster Service, MSCS, SQL Licensing, SQL Server, SQL Server 2012

With the release of SQL Server 2012 and specifically the AlwaysOn feature we need...

September 6, 2012  11:41 PM

New Podcast called People Talking Tech

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Karen Lopez, Microsoft Windows, People, People Talking Tech, SQL Server

So in all my free time (that 7 minutes a week that I wasn't already using for something) I've decided that I needed to try something new.  I've put together a new podcast called People Talking Tech (www.peopletalkingtech.com) where myself and whoever...

August 22, 2012  3:00 PM

My First Days With Windows 8 RTM

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Microsoft Windows, Windows 8

As I'm as MSDN subscriber I was able to download Windows 8 from the MSDN website on August 15th and get it installed.  At this point I've upgraded all three of my machines so I wanted to give you a review of what I like and don't about the new OS.  Before I go on I'm not going to bitch and moan...

August 16, 2012  2:00 PM

Upgrading Windows 8 RP to RTM

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Microsoft Windows, Windows 2012, Windows 8

So as we all know Microsoft hates allowing upgrades of OSs from Beta/CTP/RC/RP (or whatever) to RTM (Release To Manufacturing) bits.  However thankfully Microsoft has made it easy enough to do anyway.  Simply take your ISO/USB/CD/DVD or whatever install media you plan on using and make it...

August 9, 2012  2:00 PM

Second Edition of Securing SQL Server now longer available for pre-order. It’s Shipping! (repost)

Posted by: Denny Cherry
AlwaysOn, Availability Groups, Azure, Data Loss, Data Security, Database Administration, Database security, Microsoft Windows, Security, SQL, SQL Server, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, Storage

In case you missed the blog post over on securingsqlserver.com, I wanted to repost it here... I'm afraid that I've got some bad news.  You can no longer pre-order

August 6, 2012  10:00 AM

Vendor Apps and AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Posted by: Denny Cherry
AlwaysOn, Availability Groups, Database, Microsoft Cluster Service, MSCS, SQL Server, SQL Server 2012, SSMS

By now hopefully everyone knows about AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL Server 2012 and the high availability options that they provide to databases.  One problem with AlwaysOn Availability Groups when combined with third party applications is that the third party application may configure the...

July 9, 2012  6:20 PM

Windows 2012 Dates Announced

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Microsoft Windows, SQL Server

It appears that Microsoft has released the dates for RTM (Release To Manufacturing) and GA (General Availability) for both the Windows 2012 Server and Client Operating Systems. Both the client and server with RTM the first week in August with the server OS will be available in September and the...

June 25, 2012  2:00 PM

Moving huge amounts of data between data centers

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Data Center Build, Migration, Restore Database, SQL Server

Every once and a while I get the fun project of moving a data center from one location to another, often from a Managed Service Provider to either a CoLo facility or to another Managed Service Provider.  When I'm doing this the data sizes typically aren't small.  In the case of my current project...

May 28, 2012  2:00 PM

Know your app when migrating your data

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Migration, Network Traffic, SQL Server

One of the projects that I'm working on at the moment is moving a data center from being hosted in Dallas Texas up to New Jersey so that it's closer to the companies corporate office in New York City.  As a part of this data center migration the Microsoft SQL Server databases must be moved to the...

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