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Attack Prevention


June 14, 2011  2:21 AM

Auto Close, Contained Databases and DDoS

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Attack Prevention, Consolidation, SQL Server, SQL Server 11

One of the features which has been announced to be coming in SQL Server “Denali” is the “Contained Database” feature.  The feature which I’m looking for the...

June 30, 2008  11:00 AM

New Article: Secure SQL Server from SQL injection attacks

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Attack Prevention, Security, SQL Injection

An article that I wrote about securing your SQL Server from SQL Injection attacks was just published.  It covers information from both a DBAs point of view and a .NET...

December 27, 2007  8:00 AM

Avoiding SQL Injection Attacks

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Attack Prevention, Security, SQL, T/SQL

The most common way for people to insert invalid data or cause damage to your database is through what is called a SQL Injection Attack.  This is when malicious code is placed within the responses which are expected and that code is not caught and it instead executed.  Depending on what level of...


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