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February 15, 2010  11:00 AM

Dealing with a digital “chicken or the egg” situation.

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Recently I had the opportunity to upgrade my computer desktop from 2 Gigs of RAM to 8 Gigs of RAM.  This required that I reinstall Windows 7 to replace by 32bit OS with a 64bit OS.

This presented me with a problem as I work from home full time and I have to VPN in.  You see we use a Cisco VPN router as our VPN server so I can’t use the standard Windows VPN client which allows you to VPN in from the login screen.  You have to log into Windows before you can start the VPN client.

So I could login to my computer with a local account, VPN in, then add my computer to the domain.  But when it becomes time to login with my domain account.  I can try and login with my domain account but I can’t access the domain.  I can login with my local account and start a VPN tunnel, but if I log out then the VPN tunnel will be closed, preventing me from logging in with my domain account.

The solution that I came up with was to login with my local account which was created when my Windows 7 was installed.  I then granted my domain account admin rights to my workstation (so that I can install software).  I then remote desktoped into the workstation from my laptop and logged in with my domain credentials.  This triggered by local account to log out, but not before the domain account was authenticated.  I then rebooted my desktop and was able to log into my newly formatted desktop using my cached domain credentials.

Windows then built my new profile just like it normally would.  After the desktop appeared I was able to VPN back into the office and begin installing the needed software.


February 11, 2010  11:00 AM

Do what you love, love what you do, or let someone who does, do.

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Coming up soon the next group of college students will be graduating from school which means the annual “how do I get a job which pays a lot of money” job posting will being showing up shortly.

The best way to get a good paying job is to pick a field which you like working in.  If you can be passionate about the field you work in, and the work that you do you’ll do well in it and you’ll end up making a good amount of money. Continued »

February 8, 2010  11:00 AM

Using XMLNAMESPACES within a function

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Recently one of my developers asked me to begin returning data from a function as XML instead of a comma separated list.  My thoughts on this was awesome, another cursor getting removed from the system.  I’ll write a quick FOR XML AUTO, ROOT(‘root’) at the bottom of the SELECT statement being used to generate the cursor and I’ll be done.  Right?  Wrong!

Continued »

February 4, 2010  11:00 AM

It happens to be my birthday!

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Today happens to be my Birthday and a regular blog posting day.  What are the odds…

Actually about 1 in 7 or so, but anyway go have some cake for me.


February 2, 2010  11:00 AM

Taking backups is good, but testing them is better.

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I bet that if asked when the last time the database backup was taken and if it succeeded you would know off of the top of your head when that was.  But if I asked you when the last time your database was restored successfully would you know?

Continued »

February 1, 2010  6:59 PM

January 2010 #SoCalCode links are fixed.

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If you tried to download the slide decks from last weekends SoCal Code Camp this morning the links where broken.  I’ve fixed (and tested) all three links and they are all working now.



February 1, 2010  11:00 AM

January 2010 #SoCalCodeCamp Slide Decks

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As I promised to everyone who attended my SoCal Code Camp sessions here are the slide decks and the sample code that I used during my presentations.

Back To Basics; Getting Back To The Basics of SQL Server

SQL Server Service Broker in the Real World

SQL Service Broker Advanced Performance Tips & Tricks



January 28, 2010  11:00 AM

#SoCalCodeCamp is comming up quickly.

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It’s that time again, it’s time for another SoCal Code Camp. I know, you are thinking, it’s already Code Camp time again?  Didn’t we just have one a few months ago?

The answer to both questions is yes.  We did just have one, but it is time for another one.  The Fullerton Code Camp (this weekend) is on a pretty fixed schedule, it is the weekend before the Super Bowl.  The LA Code Camp which we had a couple of months ago tries to follow a local Microsoft Event which leaves the scheduling to the people at Microsoft.

But all that doesn’t really matter because this weekend, rain or shine (so far weather.com says shine), we are having another Code Camp.

I’ll be presenting 4 sessions this time.

On Saturday I’ll be presenting:

Back To Basics; Getting Back To The Basics of SQL Server Part 1

Back To Basics; Getting Back To The Basics of SQL Server Part 2

SQL Service Broker Advanced Performance Tips and Tricks

On Sunday I’ll be presenting:

Using the SQL Server Service Broker in the Real World

I’ll post the slide decks the Monday after (or you can dig through my blog and find the older versions of them).

See you there,


January 25, 2010  11:00 AM

WordPress must die…

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There was going to be a kick ass post on using your resources on forums, blogs, twitter, etc to help you solve those really weird SQL Server problems online, but WordPress decided to barf when saving it, and it didn’t save a draft of it either, even though it was up on my screen for like 2 days and I swear to god I hit save at least once or twice.

So instead you get me ranting about WordPress as I just don’t have the energy to rewrite it at the moment.

It was going to be really cool with a link to Jonathan’s post about Diskeeper hosing this production SQL Servers.  I’ll try and rewrite it in the future.


January 21, 2010  11:00 AM

SQL PASS Session Stats

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So I got my session stats from my SQL PASS presentation a little while back, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to put up a post about them.

My Session was DBA-421 Storage for the DBA. I had a great response rate on the evals with 66 evals turned in (there were about 100-120 people in the room). Overall the responses were pretty positive. I used a scale of Very Poor = 1 and Excellent = 5 to get the average score. Other numbers are just counts.

Very Poor Poor Average Good Excellent Avg Score
How would you rate the usefulness of the session information in your day-to-day environment? 0 2 6 22 37 4.5
How would you rate the Speaker’s presentation skills? 0 0 8 18 41 4.5
How would you rate the Speaker’s knowledge of the subject? 0 0 1 10 56 4.8
How would you rate the accuracy of the session title, description, and experience level to the actual session? 0 0 1 20 46 4.6
How would you rate the amount of time allocated to cover the topic/session? 1 0 10 27 29 4.2
How would you rate the quality of the presentation materials? 0 0 7 26 34 4.4

Averaging all the scores over all the questions, overall that session rated at 4.51. Not bad for my first time out at SQL PASS. The part where I got really nailed on the evals was time (which I can’t control). A couple of people actually mentioned to me on the way out of the session that I should do it again next year as a spotlight session which would give me another 15 minutes. I’ll probably do that and see if they let me go at it again.

I only received three comments to which I’ll happily respond.

1. More pictures required – I’d love to, but this session turns into a two hour session some times as it is.
2. Too much detail about speaker’s environment, not enough practical info about databases. – This isn’t a database specific session, and they only SAN environment which I can use for demos is my own (I’m working on getting something together to fix that a bit).
3. Too many questions derailed the presentation. – True, I do need to work on that some, but I hate leaving people with unanswered questions. Ah, to fine some happy balance.

For those that submitted an eval, thank you. The feedback is always welcome. For those that didn’t please do so in the future. The evals provide very useful feedback to all the speakers and to the conference.

Thanks again to everyone that came to PASS, and I’ll see you in November in Seattle (unless I get approved for some of the like 6 conferences for 2010 that I’ve already submitted to or I’m planning on submitting to).


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