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May, 2010

May 10, 2010  2:26 PM

EMC World Day 0

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Yesterday was Day 0 or EMC World which means that it's party day.  The day started with Registration and the Welcome reception.  If you've never been to EMC World, registration is probably the longest line in the place.  You've got all 10,000 or so attendees trying to get checked in. ...

May 9, 2010  6:46 PM

EMC World Day -1

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

My trip to EMC World started a day early this year.  With the long trip out here, and the events starting pretty early on Sunday afternoon, trying out on Sunday just doesn't work unless I want to sleep through the Sunday welcome reception and check in. And since I don't want to sleep through...

May 6, 2010  11:00 AM

If you change the default instances port number, you may not be able to connect

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

Something that some companies like to do is to change the port number that the default instance is listening under as a security precaution.  However this has a habit of stopping anyone from connecting to the default instance without knowing the port number. This is because the default instance...

May 3, 2010  11:00 AM

SQL Saturday 44 Slide Decks

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry

So last week was SoCal Code Camp and I just released that I hadn't gotten the slides posted for the sessions that I did. SQL Server Clustering 101

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