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November, 2009


November 30, 2009  11:00 AM

OPENXML can be a beast sometimes.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
OPENXML, Performance Problems, SQL, Table Variables

Our application includes some search functionality which is pretty complex to deal with.  In a nutshell the user can select multiple values from a couple of lists on the website and use those listed to filter down the rows which are being searched.  These lists are passed into the SQL Server as a...

November 26, 2009  11:00 AM

Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Enhancements

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Active Directory, Windows 2008 R2

What server upgrade would be complete without some Active Directory enhancements?  This release is no exception. One of the best enhancements (in my opionion) is that Active Directory now has a recycle bin. 

November 23, 2009  11:00 AM

Moving a standalone instance to a cluster while keeping the name and IP

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Clustering, Migration, SQL

A little while back I posted about how to move a standalone instance to a clustered instance using a different name and IP, but what do you do when you...

November 18, 2009  11:00 AM

Slide decks for the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group and SoCal Code Camp

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, SoCal Code Camp

This week I've got 4 presentations and two different events so I'm posting everything in a single post. On Wednesday I'll be presenting at the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group.  I'll be giving my   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

November 16, 2009  11:00 AM

Not all multi-pathing software is created equal

Posted by: Denny Cherry
EMC, iSCSI, Storage

Once you've setup a good redundant network design you need to invenst in some goo multi-pathing software to ensure that you are making the most of the...

November 12, 2009  11:00 AM

Join me at the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group Meeting on November 18th

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, Service Broker

For those not at PDC or the Underground party on November 18th, 2009 ... Join me at the San Gabrial Valley .NET User Group as I give a presentation all about SQL Service Broker.  The pizza starts at 6pm and the presentation starts at...

November 9, 2009  11:00 AM

#sqlpass is over. Some thought, comments, and reviews.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, PASS, Social Commentary, SQLServerPedia.com

The 2009 SQL PASS Summit has ended.  Our friends and extended family have made there way home, or are on there way home.  As I sit in the airport on Saturday on my way home to Southern California it seams like a good time to put down some thoughts about this years PASS Summit.

November 4, 2009  6:10 PM

#sqlpass notes from the Wednesday Keynotes

Posted by: Denny Cherry
PASS, Powerpivot

At the Wednesday keynotes we started with Rushabh talking about the PASS financials.  Some numbers include: 2010 revenue projection of $3.2M which is a 15% reduction from the 2009 numbers.  But even with this reduction PASS is planning on spending 40% more on the SQL Server community.  They...

November 3, 2009  6:04 PM

First picture set from #sqlpass

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Flickr, PASS

I've just uploaded a bunch of pictues from SQL Pass to flicker.  They can be found here. Denny

November 3, 2009  5:13 PM

#sqlpass so far… (keynotes, parties, lunch, and more)

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, PASS

So far the SQL PASS 2009 summit has been a blast.  I arrived on Sunday afternoon and the fun started shortly after that.  There have been a couple of parties to go to, and we did a great photo walk Monday morning.


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