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February, 2009

February 11, 2009  8:55 AM

Things You Know Now…

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Colin Stasiuk, Denis Gobo, Michael Deputy, Twitter

It's my turn for the Things You Know Now post thanks to Colin Stasiuk.  The basic question asked at the beginning of the thread of posts...

February 8, 2009  8:53 PM

Why are some open source people so adamant about doing a discervice to their users?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Open Source, Social Commentary

February 7, 2009  10:25 PM

Standalone SQL Agent Phase 1 Beta 2 Released

Posted by: Denny Cherry

This afternoon I'm pleased to say that I've released the Phase 1 Beta 2 build of the Standalone SQL Agent.

February 4, 2009  9:07 AM

Happy Birthday to Me

Posted by: Denny Cherry

Today is my birthday, so no second technical post from me today.  I'm out with friends having a blast. (I'm actually at home with my wife playing video games, as most of these blog posts are written well in advance, but it sounds good to say that I logged in to day and wrote this.) Denny

February 3, 2009  2:47 AM

Rights to System Stored Procedures

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Permissions, System Objects

Why on earth to people want to go changing the rights on the system objects. Continued »

February 2, 2009  1:31 PM

Back To Basics: Clustered vs NonClustered Indexes; what’s the difference?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Back To Basics, Clustered Index, Index, Nonclustered Index

SQL Server has two basics kinds of indexes. They are clustered and nonclustered indexes. There are some fundamental differences to the two which are key to understanding before you can master index tuning.

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