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February, 2009

February 28, 2009  12:21 AM

WebEx and Windows 7

Posted by: Denny Cherry
WebEx, Windows 7

Apparently WebEx and Windows 7 doesn't play nice very well. I have been working from home recently and normally I just RDP into my workstation at the office.  Today I was working with Quest Tech Support and they setup a WebEx session for me.  When I fired it up on my workstation (like I've...

February 24, 2009  10:34 PM

Coffee and Code coming to Irvine

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Coffee And Code, In Person Events, Joey deVilla

Recently I found the blog of Joey deVilla (@AccordionGuy on Twitter) who is the Developer Evangelist for Microsoft up in Toronto, Canada.  Joey has started doing something...

February 23, 2009  11:00 AM

Surviving Layoffs

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Surviving Layoffs

I was having Lunch with a friend of mine a few days ago, and we got talking about surviving layoffs. With the current economic nightmare that is upon us we need to switch gears a little bit.  The traditional technique that IT folks use if be valuable, but not so valuable that you can't be...

February 23, 2009  11:00 AM

What exactly is a NULL?

Posted by: Denny Cherry

NULL values are something that a lot of people just don't understand the use off. Continued »

February 18, 2009  2:12 AM

Speaking at LA SQL Users Group March 19, 2009

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, LA SQL User Group

For those of you in the LA area, I'll be speaking at the LA SQL Users Group on March 19, 2009.  The presentation will be on Indexing SQL Server.  If you missed the my Indexing session at the Janunary 2009 SoCal Code Camp this will be a similar...

February 17, 2009  10:53 PM

My First Computer

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Denis Gobo, First Computer

I was tagged by Denis Gobo in his post What was your first computer.... My first PC was some Texas Instruments unit my dad bought.  It was pretty much a word...

February 17, 2009  9:58 PM

For those of you who live under a rock…

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Reasons Why SQLBatman Will Not Be Allowed at the WIT Luncheon, Tom LaRock

For those of you who live under a rock (or you don't read SQLBatman blog) or those that don't routienly google for "sql vagina", SQL Batman has written a very funny post on my SQL Server Agent project. I'm pretty...

February 16, 2009  9:53 PM

Processing XML files with SQL Server functions

Posted by: Denny Cherry
OPENXML, SearchSQLServer.com, XML

I just published a new article on SearchSQLServer.com called Processing XML files with SQL Server...

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February 16, 2009  8:58 AM

Optimal Database Setup Hardware Guide

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Article, enterpriseitplanet.com, Server Hardware

A little while back I published an article on Enterprise IT Planet called "Optimal Database Setup Hardware Guide".  In this...

February 14, 2009  6:42 AM

A response to a response to my post about Open Source Software

Posted by: Denny Cherry
John Little, Open Source, Social Commentary

Shortly after I posted about a /....

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