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December, 2007


December 31, 2007  8:00 AM

Have a Happy New Year

Posted by: Denny Cherry

This will by the last blog entry for the year (this being new years eve and all).  I hope that everyone has a happy new year and that no one needs to have to work tonight. Don't forget to spend tonight with family and friends, and not your computer working. Denny

December 27, 2007  8:00 AM

Avoiding SQL Injection Attacks

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Attack Prevention, Security, SQL, T/SQL

The most common way for people to insert invalid data or cause damage to your database is through what is called a SQL Injection Attack.  This is when malicious code is placed within the responses which are expected and that code is not caught and it instead executed.  Depending on what level of...

December 19, 2007  8:00 AM

Microsoft SoCal Code Camp Comming Up

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Development, In Person Events, SQL, SQL Server 2008

The Microsoft Code camp is coming upon us shortly. I've submitted three sessions (so far) to the organizers of the code camp.  They've told me that odds are I'll be able to do all three sessions.  I've tagged all my sessions with

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December 17, 2007  8:00 AM

Microsoft Announces SQL 2008 Launch Event

Posted by: Denny Cherry
In Person Events, SQL Server 2008

Microsoft has announced the schedule for the SQL 2008 launch event.  You can register here. The official launch is being held in Los Angeles this time around.  I'll be there,...

December 15, 2007  5:38 AM

New Article: SQL Server encryption vs. hashing for data security

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Article, Data Types, Development, SQL, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, T/SQL

I've published a new tip over on SearchSQLServer.com entitled "   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

December 13, 2007  8:00 AM

So what’s the difference between null and a blank field

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Data integrity, Data Types, NULL, SQL, T/SQL

There is always a discussion going on somewhere over having NULL values in a database.  Some people (such as myself) are fine with NULL values.  Some people don't like having NULL values in there database for some reason.  I've heard all sorts of reasons; "The screw up performance", "They are...

December 10, 2007  8:00 AM

Temp Tables, Table Variables, and CTEs

Posted by: Denny Cherry
CTE, SQL, T/SQL, Table Variables, Temp Tables

There are some major differences between temp tables, table variables and common table expressions (CTEs).  Some of the big differences are: Temp Tables vs. Table Variables

  1. SQL Server does not place locks on table variables when the table variables are used.
  2. Temp tables...

December 5, 2007  8:00 AM

A well timed code freeze is critical to keeping your sanity.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Family, Support

Doing a code freeze at this time of year can be crucial to keeping your sanity this time of year.  Often times the business unit likes to push out last minute changes before the year end.  This often means pushing last minute code (which as everyone knows isn't always perfect) which can lead...

December 3, 2007  8:00 AM

SQL 2008 November CTP

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Beta, CLR, Installation, SQL Server 2008

We'll I've finely gotten around to installing the SQL 2008 November CTP.  While walking through the installer I have seen some excellent changes.  Not only is the option to change the paths of the data files no longer hidden, there are more than just two options.  There are at least 7 paths that...


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