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October, 2007


October 31, 2007  6:09 AM

What is Service Broker?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Service Broker, SQL

Service Broker is a transaction message queueing system build into Microsoft SQL Server.  It provides you with in order, guaranteed single read, message processing that is handled and managed with T/SQL code.  This makes it extremely easy to send and process messages either within a single...

October 29, 2007  8:00 AM

Easy way to read XML execution plans.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Execution Plan, SQL

Take your XML execution plan and save it to a file with a file extension of sqlplan (such as MyQuery.sqlplan) and double click on it.  It will open in the SQL Server Management Studio and show you the plan in the GUI plan viewer making it much easier to read than the XML version.

October 25, 2007  6:03 PM

New tip published about table statistics

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Article, SQL, Statistics, T/SQL

My next tip on SQL Server Statistics has been published on SearchSQLServer.com entitled   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

October 24, 2007  5:09 AM

Upgrade for sp_who2 called sp_who3

Posted by: Denny Cherry
DataManagement, sp_who3, SQL, T/SQL

I've published this before over on tek-tips.com, but I figured that I'd republish it here as well.  I've written an update for sp_who2 which I call sp_who3.  It can be most useful when trying to diagnose slow running queries as it can provide a wealth of information in a single...

October 22, 2007  10:17 AM

How SQL decides how much procedure cache and how much buffer cache to use.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Cache, Config, SQL

There are two main types of cache which SQL Server deals with, the buffer cache and the procedure cache.  The procedure cache is where the execution plans for procedures and queries are stored.  The buffer cache is where the actual data is cached so that SQL Server doesn't have to go to disk to...

October 18, 2007  6:18 PM

Excellent Lock Pages in Memory Blog

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Microsoft Windows, SQL

Bob Ward of Microsoft has written an excellent blog about the lock pages is memory right over on the PSS blog.

October 17, 2007  5:46 PM

What does the min server memory setting actually mean?

Posted by: Denny Cherry
SQL, Windows Computing

I know that there is some confusion about what exactly the minimum server memory setting in sp_configure actually does.  When I was at PASS I was able to ask the Microsoft guys this very question and here is what they told me.  The setting does not control how much memory SQL takes when it...

October 15, 2007  6:54 PM

Better Error Reporting for Service Broker

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Service Broker, SQL

I've submitted a request to Microsoft (via the Connect site) to have them improve the error reporting which the Service Broker does to the error log.  If everyone could vote for that submission (

October 11, 2007  2:15 AM

Great little database comic strip.

Posted by: Denny Cherry
Comic, SQL

While waiting for an index to be created I ran across this little beauty over at http://xkcd.com.  I just had to share it. Exploits of a Mom

October 10, 2007  1:58 AM

Getting the right disk config for your SQL Server

Posted by: Denny Cherry
DataManagement, SQL, Storage

Many DBAs so not have the knowledge needed in the storage area to be able to ask the right questions to there storage engineers, and often storage engineers do not know the right questions to ask a DBA to get the answers that they need.  Because of this database storage ends up being configured...


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