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November 8, 2013  11:41 PM

Scala testing book illustrates effective use of TDD for Scala projects

Posted by: James Denman
Automated Test Design, automation, Automation Test, BDD, TDD

Weighing in at under 150 pages, Testing in Scala by Daniel Hinojosa is a quick, project-based introduction to using a test-driven or behavior driven approach to testing in – you guessed it – the Scala programming language.

September 21, 2011  5:03 PM

Tests before code: Acceptance/test-driven development

Posted by: Yvette Francino
SQuAD, TDD, test-driven development

A team from Oppenheimer Funds has come to speak at the monthly Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD) meetings a couple of times, telling us about some of their early adoption experiences. At the September meeting, we found out both...

December 6, 2010  2:31 PM

The benefits of test-driven development

Posted by: Yvette Francino
TDD, test-driven development

I've heard from many agile experts, including Elizabeth Woodward and

October 25, 2010  4:48 PM

Kent Beck on release schedules

Posted by: Matt Heusser
agile, STPcon, TDD, test-driven development, testing

Many readers will recognize Kent Beck as the co-creator of Extreme Programming, as one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, or for

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September 23, 2010  3:39 PM

Agile practices: Continuous integration, automation, and TDD

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Continuous Integration, software test, TDD

As I was researching material needed to write, Distributed agile: Fostering development collaboration without collocation, I had the privilege of interviewing two of the authors...

March 23, 2009  1:07 PM

How test-driven development increases overall usability

Posted by: MichaelDKelly
software development, Software testing, TDD, test-driven development

Test-driven development (TDD) can be the path to not having to reinvent the wheel with every new test. In the test-driven development I've done, I've found that my tests force me to write a more manageable interface over time. Early in a programming a class, I find that I can get away with...


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