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October 27, 2011  8:45 PM

Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) coverage

Posted by: Yvette Francino

You know how when you go on a cruise you feel stuffed from all that delicious food that's served around the clock? Well, that's sort of how my brain feels at the end of a conference: happy and full! I've been able to meet with so many test leaders here at STPCon and listen to some interesting...

October 27, 2011  3:11 AM

Catherine Powell on testers’ personality types

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Catherine Powell, STPcon, tester personality

Catherine Powell of Abakus is another SSQ contributor who I had the pleasure of meeting in person here at STPCon in Dallas. Catherine led an Open Jam session, an...

October 26, 2011  1:26 AM

STPCon: The tester’s role on an Agile team

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile adoption, Agile test, Robert Walsh, STPcon

We hear a lot about teams transitioning to Agile, but what does this mean for the tester? Robert Walsh of Excalibur Solutions presented, "Adapting Conventional Testing Strategies for an Agile Environment" this morning at

October 25, 2011  10:24 PM

uTest and Mozilla partner to create a test case management tool

Posted by: Yvette Francino
announcement, SOASTA, STPcon, uTest

Crowdsource test organization uTest has partnered with Mozilla to create a new test management system, CaseConductor™ . This system will allow testers to collaborate on test case creation, management and execution, regardless of where they are physically located. CaseConductor beta is now...

October 25, 2011  9:37 PM

Data testing on data warehouse projects

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Data Warehousing, DW/BI, Karen Johnson, STPcon

When Karen Johnson told a barista that she was working on a data warehouse, the barista said, "Oh, where is it located?" While most of us that work with software realize that a data warehouse is sort of a mega-database, not a physical building, we still might feel a little lost when tasked with...

October 25, 2011  2:26 AM

STPCon: Meet Lanette Creamer

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Lanette Creamer, STPcon

Going to industry conferences is wonderful, not just because of the additional learning and professional development that's available, but because of the connections we make. We go beyond recognizing a name; we have the opportunity to really get to know some of the...

October 25, 2010  4:48 PM

Kent Beck on release schedules

Posted by: Matt Heusser
agile, STPcon, TDD, test-driven development, testing

Many readers will recognize Kent Beck as the co-creator of Extreme Programming, as one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, or for

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October 22, 2010  11:13 PM

Pairwise testing at STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser
pairwise testing, STPcon

This year's STPCon had something a little bit different - hands-on sessions where not only did the presenter actually test software -- the participants did as well. The first session of the conference was Justin Hunter's "Let's Test Together," which promised to not only introduce a new test...

October 22, 2010  1:15 PM

Decreasing the cost of testing at STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser
software, STPcon, testing

I'm here at the Software Test Professionals Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on "How to Reduce the Cost of Testing."  It was fun. Cutting the costs of testing So here's the problem: American business has a...

October 25, 2009  12:24 AM

STPCon wrap-up: SpeedGeeking, testing Web 2.0 applications

Posted by: Matt Heusser
Cambidge, Conference, Fall 2009, software, STPcon, testing

It's been an amazing week here in Boston while attending the Software Test&Performance Conference.  Friday morning, we ran SpeedGeeking; in the afternoon, I gave my testing Web 2.0 talk, then it was time for dinner and some amazing conversation, and, eventually, sleep. Similar to lightning...

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