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August 6, 2013  12:17 AM

It’s TaaS – but it’s not really ‘Testing as a Service,’ or is it?

Posted by: James Denman
Agile 2013, Agile software development, Debugging, Integration Testing, Software Quality, Software testing, Software testing tools

Automated integration testing sort of presents us with a paradox. The problem is that automated testing makes the most sense for large organizations where there's a lot of testing to be done; however, these big enterprises tend to have large, complicated development environments where it tends to...

May 3, 2010  5:09 PM

Adam Goucher’s Selenium Eureka moment, IDE plugins and new book

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Software testing, Software testing tools

If you test web applications across many platforms and don’t use Selenium, a suite of open source tools, you’re missing the boat, says software test expert and author Adam Goucher. In this post, Selenium expert Chris McMahon shares his recent conversation with Goucher about Selenium's benefits...

February 23, 2010  8:35 PM

Crowdsource specialist uTest launching new performance, load test offerings

Posted by: Yvette Francino
crowdsource testing, Load testing, Software testing, Software testing tools, uTest

uTest, known for their crowdsourced approach to functional testing, is adding load and performance testing to their offerings. SearchSoftwareQuality got wind of uTest's news, to be formally announced on Wednesday, February 24, and spoke with Vice...

December 22, 2009  11:48 PM

Why you don’t need to buy a testing tool, except when you do

Posted by: MichaelDKelly
Software testing, software testing and development, Software testing tools

I consult with a lot of teams that think they need expensive tools. Some teams do need the features offered by expensive test tools. But most teams I've worked with don't, they just think they do. Likely they could have gotten by with a workflow tool like JIRA or Bugzilla and some simple scripting...

January 30, 2009  5:21 PM

Using source code analysis tools

Posted by: MichaelDKelly
Software testing tools, source code analysis tools

I found a great article earlier this week on static analysis tools by Mary Brandel. In the article, "How to choose and use source code analysis tools," she cites some statistics on the static analysis market, including:

  • "The entire...

November 7, 2008  4:18 PM

What are the top software tools of 2008?

Posted by: Colin Smith
Agile software development, Application security, Project management, Requirements gathering, Requirements management, Software performance, Software Quality, Software requirements validation, Software testing, Software testing tools

As the year starts to wind down, we at are looking back at what took place during 2008. One thing that we're focusing on is the tools and solutions that were released. In an effort to help our readers understand what tools are available to help them, we are creating a...

October 30, 2008  4:46 PM

Lowered cost for security testing suite

Posted by: Colin Smith
Application security, Software Quality, Software testing tools

In response to economic issues and as a way to encourage more companies to test applications for security, Ounce Labs has reduced the cost of its Static Application Security Testing suite. The shift in the pricing and licensing models will...

October 1, 2008  3:43 PM

The importance — and challenges — of debugging

Posted by: Colin Smith
Debugging, Software Quality, Software testing, Software testing tools

Debugging is often challenging for programmers, so much so that many books have been written about it. One of the latest to hit the shelves is


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