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Rick Vanover


October 19, 2009  8:29 PM

Pulling compliance audits, procedures and practice together

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover

In my last post I mentioned that it is worth the effort when drafting work instructions that match actual practice. Now, I want to take that one step further and hit on a...

August 28, 2009  6:16 PM

Gauging the value of procedures and work instructions

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover

Revision-controlled documents such as procedures and work-instructions are a beautiful thing. Sure, the work required to establish the documentation up front can be significant. But the reward can pay off with smooth transitions between staff members or departments as well as consistency across...

July 27, 2009  7:35 PM

Moving away from NAT for testing

Posted by: Rick Vanover
ALM, Development, development cycles, NAT, network, Rick Vanover, Test systems, testing

For test and development systems, one practice over the years to allow developers to build test systems or applications has been to use network address translation or NAT. NAT basically puts some device in front of other systems. Development teams can use NAT a number of ways. These include running...

June 22, 2009  1:55 PM

Requirements-based provisioning useful in all aspects of IT

Posted by: Rick Vanover
infrastructure, IT landscape, Recovery point objective, Recovery Time Objective, requirements-based, Rick Vanover, RPO, RTO

At some point in time, we all have likely engaged with some level of requirements-based testing (RBT) or development. While RBT is generally a fundamental in software quality, there can be limitations and cons as described in this

May 26, 2009  7:38 PM

Software test environments: Overlooked in licensing?

Posted by: Rick Vanover
licensing, Microsoft, QA, Rick Vanover, test

There is no doubt that test environments are the lifeblood of high-quality technology solutions. In a recent discussion with another IT professional, the issue of test environment licensing came up and clearly became a grey area that is applied differently between organizations. In the case of...

March 10, 2009  7:19 PM

Why video modes matter in software testing and configuration

Posted by: Rick Vanover
configuration, driver, Rick Vanover, Software testing, test, video

In my software testing work, I've found that video configuration consistency is a critical factor in a system’s performance and behavior under test conditions and an important factor in delivering technology in the intended fashion.  Naturally, traditional resolution requirements for a...


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