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October 18, 2013  11:01 PM

Thoughts on cloud infrastructure from an industry insider

Posted by: James Denman
Cloud, infrastructure, Project management, Software Quality

I had a great talk earlier this week with the CEO and founder of CloudBees, Sacha Labourey. It's probably best to take this advice with a grain of salt, because Labourey does have a vested interest in the success of cloud services. CloudBees

July 19, 2012  4:05 PM

DevOps: Project management and leadership that align IT and business

Posted by: Melanie Webb
collaboration, DevOps, leadership, Project management

In a recent conversation with Shlomo Swidler, prominent consultant and founder of Orchestratus, he discussed the merits of strong project leaders and team builders in the DevOps environment. Swidler offered a historical perspective on...

July 28, 2011  6:45 PM

Agile Alliance conference 2011: Using Agile outside of IT

Posted by: Melanie Webb
Agile Alliance, marketing, Project management

At the Atlanta Scrum Users Group meeting, Agile Alliance 2011 speaker Leeann...

July 28, 2011  5:21 PM

Preview of Agile2011: Agile project management and enterprise Agile

Posted by: Melanie Webb
Agile Alliance, enterprise Agile, Project management

The Atlanta Scrum Users Group met on July 27 to discuss the Agile Alliance 2011...

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April 6, 2011  2:55 PM

Daptiv combines traditional and Agile in PPM solution

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile integration, Daptiv, PPM, Project management, Rally Software

On April 5th, Daptiv announced the integration of Rally Software with their PPM solution. Project portfolio management (PPM) tracks an organization's projects so that executives are able to make decisions about company goals, strategies and...

July 29, 2010  3:46 PM

Selecting the right tools for your Agile team

Posted by: Yvette Francino
agile, ALM tools, Project management, test tools, tester skills

You’re a test manager being asked to evaluate and select tools for your agile team. With the plethora of tools available, how do you begin to select those that are most appropriate?  Choosing the right tools is only part of the equation for success. How will you determine the best practices and...

November 20, 2009  11:04 PM

How green actions cut businesses’ costs

Posted by: Jan Stafford
green computing, Project management, Software project management

Let’s end up 2009’s National Green Week with some tips on greening your business. Here are green practices that can cut business costs, compliments of two project management consultants, Cheetah Learning’s Michelle LaBrosse, founder, and Erica Edmond, CAPM. They're urging project managers,...

November 12, 2009  7:09 PM

Using Agile, scaling back helps software projects in recession

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Dan Mondello, Project management, software development, Software project management

"You are about to embark on a dynamic quality endeavor. It is time to throttle down on your already oversized and over-budget test and development teams." That was the opening salvo of Michael Mah's (QSM Associates) SQE Agile Development Practices Conference session, Rightsizing your project in...

November 9, 2009  3:15 PM

How software testers can get deliverables without nagging

Posted by: MichaelDKelly
people management, performance, Project management, software project

How can software testers get development team members' firm commitments for deliverables? That question came up while I recently hosted a panel on time management at a local software testing group meeting. As testers, we rely on a lot of people: developers for code; system administrators for...

September 29, 2009  10:32 PM

How software project managers can react to recessionary trends

Posted by: Jan Stafford
Project management, project management trends

Project management (PM) consultant Michelle LaBrosse shared some quick tips for PM strategies in recessionary times with me recently. These ideas gelled during an interview with Carey Earle, president of Green Apple Marketing, on her syndicated radio program, Your World, Your Way. “We talked...

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