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July 26, 2010  7:14 PM

Jail Breaking ban lifted on Apple products

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Apple Software, Daniel Mondello, development on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Jail Break, Jail Breaking Apple, legal software

For long, Apple has relied solely on laws to protect them and keep third-party application developers out of its platform-specific OS. Apple’s unfaltering drive for platform-specific application independence for long left users with one option, “Jail Breaking”. The Jail Breaking technique...

July 22, 2010  5:51 PM

Apple surpasses Oracle in security breaches

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Apple Software, Application security, Daniel Mondello, Microsoft, security vulnerabilities

According to recent article on, Apple has become the new reigning champ and is once again making headlines. No, not because it is outselling PC products (which it is) and not just because...

July 13, 2010  6:00 AM

Coverity/Armorize partner up to get security defects eliminated earlier in SDLC

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
armorize, cloud security, Coverity, Daniel Mondello, software bug tracking tools, software defect management, software partnership, software tools

Coverity and Armorize are two fairly well-known names in the software industry. Coverity is known for its static source code analysis and Armorize is recognized for its security provisioning. As of today, the two have joined forces to provide the best of both world’s under one umbrella allowing...

July 12, 2010  8:48 PM

Mobile application development tools on Google: Android Smartphone App Inventor

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Android, Daniel Mondello, google OS, mobile applications, Smartphone development

While Apple’s famous (now possibly infamous) iPhone 4 continues battling with physical malfunctions, bad press and more recently lawsuits, Google has opened developer doorways into its Android Smartphone. A new public offering called

July 8, 2010  8:53 PM

SQL injection flaw leaves door wide-open to valuable user information on a popular file sharing site

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
black hat hackers, Daniel Mondello, software security, SQL injection, website vulnerabilities

This week, a trio of hackers based out of Argentina uncovered various entry points into the popular (and controversial) file-sharing site Pirate Bay using SQL injection flaws contained in the site. The infiltration gained them access to upwards of four million user profiles containing...

May 24, 2010  7:33 PM

Scott Ambler: Agile needs team acceptance and time to work successfully

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
agile, agile methodology, Daniel Mondello, modifying agile, regulated agile, Scott Ambler, transitioning to agile

The other day I had the opportunity to interview Scott W. Ambler, one of the premier thought leaders of the agile methodology and its implementation. In addition, Ambler is IBM’s leader in...

May 13, 2010  6:11 PM

Can agile be used in regulated compliance-driven organizations?

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
agile, Daniel Mondello, software development

Robert “BJ” Reff is the director of Quality Control at Liquent, an organization that creates applications for pharmaceutical companies which enables them to track, research and submit information on FDA approved medications.


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