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Dan Mondello

August 5, 2010  8:23 PM

Software testing: Test, clear your mind and then re-test

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
CAST 2010, Dan Mondello, software tester mentality

The way CAST 2010 speakers describe the act of testing seems more like they are preparing for deep meditation or the practice of martial arts than it does the dissecting of applications and software,...

May 18, 2010  3:40 PM

Without “standardization,” is cloud-based application security up in the air?

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Application security, Cloud computing, Dan Mondello, Fortify, security assessment services

Fortify software, a security test and assessment service provider, now offers security testing and assessment for cloud-destined applications. Fortify 360 and Fortify...

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April 14, 2010  8:40 PM

Debugging sessions online, communication and collaboration in real-time

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Dan Mondello, Daniel J. Mondello, Debugging, debugging software, Debuglive, Visual Studio, Wintellect

Remote access, collaboration and intelligence are among the most sought-after features in debugging tools. DebugLive has put those features in debuggers for .NET and Windows. In this post, I share information on today’s debugging challenges and DebugLive’s new features, gleaned from my...

April 6, 2010  8:49 PM

Can iRise, an enterprise visualization tool, aid business analysts?

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
application visualization, business analyst, Dan Mondello, Daniel J. Mondello, iRise, prototyping, ROI, software explanation, testing, Virtualization

The age old expression, "we are on two different pages" may no longer apply to analysts discussing application functionality with business stakeholders. It is a common problem in the software industry: an analyst attempts to describe the needs of business executives with documentation, ending...

March 29, 2010  5:12 PM

Software development QA issues run parallel to automobile manufacturing mistakes

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
automotive manufacturing, Dan Mondello, Daniel J. Mondello, QA in development, QA in manufacturing, software industry flaws, software recalls

Proceeding a Webcast session with Theresa Lanowitz earlier this week, Lanowitz and I entered the post Webcast debriefing room (basically a private phone conference line) where we had...

February 8, 2010  3:39 PM

Electric Cloud offers pre-deployment trial-and-error testability

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Agile Development, Dan Mondello, Daniel J. Mondello, Electric Cloud, preflight builds, software development

How much faster would your development team be able to deploy an application if you were able to automate and aggregate all your build processes regardless of the tools or technologies currently being used? What if you were able to deploy an experimental piece of code to a running application, test...

January 18, 2010  4:28 PM

Running, debugging and analyzing load tests using JMeter

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Dan Mondello, Daniel J. Mondello, free software testing tools, JMeter, Load testing, Mike Kelly, open source software, open source software tools, oss, software expert tutorial, Software testing

In a recent tip series, resident site expert Mike Kelly explored JMeter, a popular and free -- open source load testing tool. He uses JMeter frequently because of its easy of use and supports several programming languages, including HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP, JDBC, LDAP and JMS. In the first tip,...

December 7, 2009  5:53 PM

Fix expensive Web security weaknesses at a lower cost

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Dan Mondello, Fortify 360, fortify on Demand, security detector, software, web weaknesses

Fortify's new Fortify on Demand service offers penetration and static testing...

November 17, 2009  4:21 PM

Why true flexibility, teamwork is a sign of Agile team maturity

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
ADP conference, Agile advice, Agile Coaching, Agile Development, Bob Galen, Dan Mondello, Scrum Leadership

To create deliverable and timely projects, Scrum leaders and Agile teams need to figure out how to calculate goals, figure out iteration deadlines and then begin creating quality deliverables, according to Bob Galen, president and principal consultant for RGCG, LLC. Galen's session at the recent...

November 12, 2009  7:09 PM

Using Agile, scaling back helps software projects in recession

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Dan Mondello, Project management, software development, Software project management

"You are about to embark on a dynamic quality endeavor. It is time to throttle down on your already oversized and over-budget test and development teams." That was the opening salvo of Michael Mah's (QSM Associates) SQE Agile Development Practices Conference session, Rightsizing your project in...

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