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April 10, 2014  11:51 PM

Agile is growing up and the way it matures is yet to be seen

Posted by: James Denman
Agile software development, Development

Today's keynote was just as good as yesterday's. It really made me think about what the future of Agile is now that it's basically mainstream. Jeff Dalton, the keynote presenter, pointed out that very large organizations are beginning to muscle in on Agile. If the software quality community...

January 11, 2014  11:24 PM

One word for software quality engineers in 2014 – “Continuous”

Posted by: James Denman
agile, Agile ALM, Agile Development, Agile integration, Agile software development, Agile testing, Application lifecyle management, Continuous, continuous delivery, Continuous Integration, project management trends, QA Trends, quality assurance, Software Quality, Software testing

I don't know if there's ever a single word that can sum up what's happening – or going to happen – in a field as diverse as software quality. If that one word exists for software quality in 2014, I'm going to guess the best word will be continuous. Get ready to hear about continuous...

August 23, 2013  11:46 PM

Automation woes, Agile successes, and DHS funding for app sec research

Posted by: James Denman
agile, Agile software development, Automated Test Design, Automation Test, Dan Cornell, Jan Stafford, Jenn Lent, Open source development tools, open source software, open source software tools, open source tools, security testing, security threats, Software Quality

This week it's a quick wrap-up of recent content on before I head out for the weekend. Jenn Lent shows us the places where automation falls short of the hype. Jan Stafford shows us a couple of Agile success stories. But first, let's look at some of the things application...

August 6, 2013  12:17 AM

It’s TaaS – but it’s not really ‘Testing as a Service,’ or is it?

Posted by: James Denman
Agile 2013, Agile software development, Debugging, Integration Testing, Software Quality, Software testing, Software testing tools

Automated integration testing sort of presents us with a paradox. The problem is that automated testing makes the most sense for large organizations where there's a lot of testing to be done; however, these big enterprises tend to have large, complicated development environments where it tends to...

August 2, 2013  9:41 PM

Agile2013 conference still closing in; plus new news on the security front

Posted by: James Denman
agile, Agile 2013, Agile Alliance, Agile conference, Agile software development, application development, Application security, Dan Cornell, Debugging, Development, Security, Software Quality, Software testing, testing

It's been a busy week and I'm itching to start the weekend, so this week's post is going to be short, but I'll make up for that with extra blog posts next week. I take off for Nashville in about forty-eight hours.  This conference is going to be a real challenge to cover on my own, but it should...

July 19, 2013  4:00 PM

The basic pieces of Agile

Posted by: James Denman
agile, Agile software development, Lean, Scrum, software development

I don't think I'm the only one that gets a little bit turned around sometimes when I'm talking about Agile. It's tough to quickly state what Agile is and how it affects software development teams on a day-to-day basis. Some teams focus on these aspects, concepts and practices, while others focus on...

June 14, 2010  11:42 PM

Sign up to participate in an Agile innovation game

Posted by: Yvette Francino
agile, Agile software development, The Agile Skills Project

There is a growing interest in agile; but other than a short certification class, it might be hard for people to gain necessary skills and experience to become successful, particularly if their work group is not practicing agile.  The...

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May 10, 2010  12:20 PM

The evolution of Agile and continuous integration

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile adoption, Agile software development

Did you know that methodologies like Extreme Programming and Scrum were around before they were labeled as "agile"? At the SQE Agile Conference I attended in Colorado Springs,...

March 3, 2010  6:28 PM

Regression test, reporting tools mark VersionOne’s new release

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile software development, ALM, Software testing

VersionOne, an Agile-focused application lifecycle management product (ALM) vendor, has just released Ultimate Edition, a suite of software testing and management tools that includes current and new features. Customizable reporting capabilities and enhanced regression test functionality are new...

February 23, 2010  8:03 PM

CollabNet, Danube insiders discuss post-acquisition ALM product roadmap

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile software development, ALM, application lifecycle management, CollabNet, ScrumWorks

This week CollabNet made a move to strengthen its Agile application lifecycle management management (ALM) line by acquiring ScrumWorks-creator Danube. CollabNet's ALM products TeamForge and Subversion and Danube's popular Agile PM product,...

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