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May 23, 2014  10:12 PM

Agile Games 2014 are just around the corner

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman
Software Quality

This is an exciting event for me and it’s right in my own back yard (Hyperbolically speaking, of course). We’ve got Agile software development practices, talented software project leaders, and we get to play games! What could be better? Continued »

April 10, 2014  11:51 PM

Agile is growing up and the way it matures is yet to be seen

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Today’s keynote was just as good as yesterday’s. It really made me think about what the future of Agile is now that it’s basically mainstream. Jeff Dalton, the keynote presenter, pointed out that very large organizations are beginning to muscle in on Agile. If the software quality community doesn’t take planned steps to keep Agile flexible, a risk exists that Agile processes will turn into rituals carried out by rote in large development corporations. Continued »

April 10, 2014  3:04 PM

A focus on metrics says shift software quality focus left

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

Yesterday’s keynote speaker here at QUEST 2014 in Baltimore was Michael Mah. Mah is an interesting guy. He played a part in designing nuclear submarines for the U.S. government in the 1980’s. More recently, he supported the Sea Shepherds in their efforts to curb whale and dolphin hunting in Asia and took up flying very small Cessna aircraft. He happens to be a brilliant software engineer and he seems to be on a mission to fix the way we develop software. Continued »

January 11, 2014  11:24 PM

One word for software quality engineers in 2014 – “Continuous”

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman
Software Quality

I don’t know if there’s ever a single word that can sum up what’s happening – or going to happen – in a field as diverse as software quality. If that one word exists for software quality in 2014, I’m going to guess the best word will be continuous. Get ready to hear about continuous development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and most importantly continuous testing. Unless I miss my mark, these phrases are going to pop up again and again in 2014. Continued »

November 8, 2013  11:41 PM

Scala testing book illustrates effective use of TDD for Scala projects

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

Weighing in at under 150 pages, Testing in Scala by Daniel Hinojosa is a quick, project-based introduction to using a test-driven or behavior driven approach to testing in – you guessed it – the Scala programming language. Continued »

October 18, 2013  11:01 PM

Thoughts on cloud infrastructure from an industry insider

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

I had a great talk earlier this week with the CEO and founder of CloudBees, Sacha Labourey. It’s probably best to take this advice with a grain of salt, because Labourey does have a vested interest in the success of cloud services. CloudBees provides platform as a service (PaaS) for Java developers. Still, Labourey is a pretty straight shooter and I think he has a good deal of insight into enterprise application development. Continued »

October 11, 2013  9:59 PM

Software Quality Group of New England celebrates twentieth season

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

The Software Quality Group of New England (SQGNE) is celebrating its twentieth season of getting Boston area software quality professionals together to talk about what’s important to the greater software quality community. Steven Rakitin, the group’s president, is pleased with the group’s progress – especially in light of the scant funding the organization receives.

Once each month (excepting August when the group breaks for summer vacation) SQGNE facilitates bright, motivated discussions about the issues that matter to testing and project management practitioners. On October 9, 2013, Harish Narayan led a group discussion on the changing roles of the quality assurance profession. Continued »

October 7, 2013  5:41 PM

JavaOne 2013 in the rearview; setting sites on STP Con next

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So JavaOne 2013 has come and gone. staff have been busy at work pitching in with our sister sites to bring out some meaningful coverage of JavaOne and Oracle Open World. JavaOne is the event of the year for Java developers. Oracle Open World runs alongside JavaOne ever since Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and the JCP a few years ago. This year’s big Java news centered around a few big breaks for Java EE 7 and the new features coming soon with Java 8.

Continued »

September 22, 2013  8:44 PM

How to look at mobile app performance depends the app’s audience

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

Last week the Boston Web Performance Meetup Group joined forces with Boston’s Mobile Experience Optimization Group to discuss issues around Web-based mobile app performance. The discussion was led by Ariel Weil, a representative from Yottaa’s adaptive Web performance team, and Ilya Grigorik just happened to be a part of the audience. The discussion centered more around user experience than I expected, but they definitely raised some good points. Continued »

September 13, 2013  11:42 PM

Let’s shed some light on the far reaches of application security

James Denman James Denman Profile: James Denman

I think it’s sort of human nature to be uncomfortable with the unknown and with the things that aren’t under our control. That might be one of the reasons so many software quality professionals try to skate around doing security testing. Obviously there are other factors – getting caught up in pressing functionality or usability issues for one – but I think security is secretly scary for some of us. That fear is probably tied mostly to the number of aspects of application security that are out of our own reach.

Continued »

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