Software Quality Insights:

September, 2011


September 29, 2011  9:07 PM

Organizational change and Agile adoption

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile adoption, Agile transition, lisa crispin, whole-team approach

"When facing an Agile transition, QA managers get worried. They don’t see a job description for a 'QA manager' in the new Agile organization," writes Agile expert Lisa Crispin in her tip,

September 28, 2011  9:39 PM

Replay Solutions announces diagnostics portal and APIs for replay

Posted by: Yvette Francino
announcements, Continuous Integration, DevOps, ReplaySolutions

On September 27th, Replay Solutions announced the ReplayLIGHTNING application diagnostics portal, an analytics front end to their ReplayDIRECTOR products. The company also announced ReplayCONTROL, a set of open API's that will allow third party products to add replay functionality to their...

September 21, 2011  5:05 PM

Integrating Kanban into your processes

Posted by: Yvette Francino

What do you do once you've mastered Scrum? How about incorporating some Lean practices using Kanban into your methodology? At least that's what appears to be happening more and more as organizations continue to look for ways to improve their software development processes. I'd heard quite a bit...

September 21, 2011  5:03 PM

Tests before code: Acceptance/test-driven development

Posted by: Yvette Francino
SQuAD, TDD, test-driven development

A team from Oppenheimer Funds has come to speak at the monthly Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD) meetings a couple of times, telling us about some of their early adoption experiences. At the September meeting, we found out both...

September 15, 2011  3:39 PM

Continuous integration step by step with Howard Deiner

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile 2011, Continuous Integration, Howard Deiner

We hear a lot about continuous integration these days, but some of us are still confused about what exactly CI is. Is it just a fancy way of doing builds? Does it mean you have to have all your regression tests automated? I got a chance to sit down with Howard Deiner at

September 8, 2011  9:23 PM

Application lifecycle management (ALM) trends

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile 2011, ALM, trends

At the Agile 2011 conference, plenty of ALM vendors were available to talk about their latest products and enhancements.

September 2, 2011  6:32 PM

Agile service provider Ci&T opens nearshore delivery center

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Agile Development, Ci&T, Distributed Agile, Nearshore

Ci&T, a provider of software product engineering and application development, announced the opening of a new nearshore delivery center in Argentina. The center, with its near-local proximity, will solve the time zone issue that can be a major challenge when North American countries work with...


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