Software Quality Insights:

November, 2010


November 23, 2010  6:50 PM

The works of the “father of software quality” Watts Humphrey remain

Posted by: Yvette Francino

Recently, Watts Humphrey, an icon of software quality, passed away at the age of 83. Humphrey was probably best known for his work as one of the founding fathers of the...

November 18, 2010  4:57 PM

Software methodologies: Are we still at “war”?

Posted by: Yvette Francino
agile, software methodologies, waterfall

The most popular blog post on SQI for the year has been: Methodology wars: Agile or Waterfall? Most people still take software methodology very seriously and can get...

November 15, 2010  7:54 PM

Real world Agile: Pair programming

Posted by: Yvette Francino

At last week's Boulder Agile User Group meeting, Pivotal Labs' Mike Gehard described a day in the life of working in a rather unusual environment. At Pivotal Labs, the culture is very important. They start their mornings with breakfast at...

November 12, 2010  3:08 PM

Are major post-production software bugs becoming more prevalent?

Posted by: Yvette Francino

In a recent interview with Jeff Papows, author of Glitch, the Hidden Impact of Faulty Software, one of the reasons Papows noted for the increased number of bugs found in...

November 5, 2010  3:24 PM

Enterprise Agile: Handling the challenges of dispersed teams and large-scale projects

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Distributed Agile

There's no denying that agile adoption is on the rise. But can agile methodologies, originally intended for small, co-located teams, be effective when we apply them to...

November 2, 2010  10:06 PM

Open source or proprietary: Which is higher quality?

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Coverity, proprietary, Software Quality

This week, Coverity, a company that provides a tool that performs static analysis of code, announced findings of their annual report on the state of open source software...

November 1, 2010  9:11 PM

How do you test 10 million lines of code?

Posted by: Yvette Francino

Today IBM and GM announced the use of IBM software to help build the 2011 Chevy Volt. The Volt is an example of a “system of systems” talked about at the


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