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October, 2010


October 28, 2010  6:24 PM

Chris McMahon on experience reports, writing and one year at SSQ

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Chris McMahon, writing about testing

If you're a regular reader of or of software quality publications in general, you are bound to be familiar with the writing of Chris McMahon. He is one of our most frequent contributors, and certainly one who is valued both for his expertise in software quality as well...

October 25, 2010  4:48 PM

Kent Beck on release schedules

Posted by: Matt Heusser
agile, STPcon, TDD, test-driven development, testing

Many readers will recognize Kent Beck as the co-creator of Extreme Programming, as one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, or for

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October 22, 2010  11:13 PM

Pairwise testing at STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser
pairwise testing, STPcon

This year's STPCon had something a little bit different - hands-on sessions where not only did the presenter actually test software -- the participants did as well. The first session of the conference was Justin Hunter's "Let's Test Together," which promised to not only introduce a new test...

October 22, 2010  1:15 PM

Decreasing the cost of testing at STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser
software, STPcon, testing

I'm here at the Software Test Professionals Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on "How to Reduce the Cost of Testing."  It was fun. Cutting the costs of testing So here's the problem: American business has a...

October 21, 2010  1:24 PM

Interest in Agile continues to rise

Posted by: Yvette Francino
agile, IBM innovate 2010, waterfall

The results of SearchSoftwareQuality's reader survey are in and Colleen Frye reports the findings in her article,  Agile, virtualization help with...

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October 14, 2010  7:06 PM

Do you confer … locally?

Posted by: Matt Heusser

Years ago I read that famous line in Lessons Learned in Software Testing:

Conferences are for conferring
I appreciated that line. All too often, we show up and listen to someone read powerpoint, something we could do easily without leaving the home. But...

October 14, 2010  6:46 PM

How detailed should test cases and requirements be?

Posted by: Yvette Francino
IEEE, requirements, test cases

Recently, SSQ published a tip from requirements expert Robin Goldsmith titled, What is a test case? What is a requirement? In the article, Goldsmith writes about an experiment he did in...

October 7, 2010  10:14 PM

Are you a ScrumBut? And if so, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Posted by: Yvette Francino
rules, Scrum, ScrumBut

I first heard the term, Scrumbut, introduced by Mike Cohn at a Denver Agile User Group meeting. The term is used to describe people who might say, "We follow Scrum but ... we don't do stand-up meetings" or "We follow Scrum but ... we have 3 month iterations" or "We follow Scrum but ... [some other...

October 6, 2010  3:12 PM

Butt-in-seat, hands-on keyboard: Quick attacks

Posted by: Matt Heusser
exploratory testing, software, testing

Last Friday, I was pleased to have the opportunity to present on testing at my Local Perl Programming group. First off, yes, I think it helps for programmers to learn about testing. No, not just the idea of Test Automation or of Test Driven Development. I mean the actual hard...

October 1, 2010  7:56 PM

Exploratory testing’s “intelligent” creativity

Posted by: Yvette Francino
Chris McMahon, exploratory testing, James Bach, James Whittaker

I first became interested in exploratory testing while reading James Whittaker's book on testing and testing "tours." Reiterated by "buccaneer tester"


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