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October, 2009

October 25, 2009  12:24 AM

STPCon wrap-up: SpeedGeeking, testing Web 2.0 applications

Posted by: Matt Heusser
Cambidge, Conference, Fall 2009, software, STPcon, testing

It's been an amazing week here in Boston while attending the Software Test&Performance Conference.  Friday morning, we ran SpeedGeeking; in the afternoon, I gave my testing Web 2.0 talk, then it was time for dinner and some amazing conversation, and, eventually, sleep. Similar to lightning...

October 24, 2009  2:07 AM

Astronaut’s STPCon advice: Teamwork delivers “The Right Stuff”

Posted by: Matt Heusser
Challenger shuttle, Mike Mullane, Software project management, Software Test and Performance Conference

I'm in Cambridge, Mass., for the the Software Test and Performance Conference this week.  After Wednesday's performance test workshop, Thursday was the first regular conference day.

U.S. Air Force...

October 24, 2009  1:41 AM

Drilling deep into performance testing at STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser
performance testing, Software testing, software testing and performance test conference, STPcon

After yesterday's Boston SPIN meeting, I got a full...

October 23, 2009  9:11 PM

STPCon: How SocialText uses Agile, wikis and remote developers

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
agile, Dan Mondello, iterations, SocialText, software testing and development, STPcon

At the Software Test and Performance Conference (STPCon) this week, I had the pleasure of spending time with Matt Heusser, a software tester for a social networking software development company, SocialText, he is also a contributor and spoke in a few STPCon sessions this...

October 22, 2009  5:35 PM

Ways Agile beats waterfall development, boosts software quality

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
agile, Agile software development, Damon Poole, Dan Mondello, waterfall

"How many of you are agile-ists?” Agile expert and author Damon Poole asked attendees this at the SPIN local user group...

October 21, 2009  4:00 AM

First takes on Boston SPIN with Damon Poole and STPCon

Posted by: Matt Heusser

    As I write this entry, I'm in the air above Boston, just about to land for the Software Test and Performance Conference. The trip is actually a twofer; I'll be at the conference tomorrow, but tonight I'll be out at the Boston SPIN (Software...

October 20, 2009  6:40 AM

Boston SPIN: A small group’s big ideas about agile development

Posted by: Daniel Mondello

I was invited to attend a SPIN (Software Process Improvement) meeting near Boston. SPIN has been in running for 17+ years and has over 1,100 registered members. At the meeting, I joined a group gathered around a circular table to finish off my...

October 19, 2009  8:29 PM

Pulling compliance audits, procedures and practice together

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover

In my last post I mentioned that it is worth the effort when drafting work instructions that match actual practice. Now, I want to take that one step further and hit on a...

October 13, 2009  8:44 PM

Project management consultant/author extends savings to SearchSoftwareQuality readers

Posted by: Daniel Mondello
Barbee Davis

Barbee Davis is an experienced Project management consultant and author who routinely writes for a semi-monthly international publication, Community Post on project manager concerns as well as ways to successfully negotiate projects.

She is offering our readers this 30% savings...

October 13, 2009  6:25 PM

Is your software test team rigorously incompetent?

Posted by: Jan Stafford
James Bach, Software consulting, software perils, Software testing

What happens when a software development or test team's manager preaches rigor in processes, but doesn't make sure that team members do processes correctly? "Rigorous incompetence," says veteran tester and author James Bach. In this video, shot at the recent

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