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May 9, 2011  6:26 PM

ESB IDE offers “round trip” editing

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
ESB, software modeling

By Alan Earls Traditionally, enterprise system bus (ESB) developers could laboriously hand code or they could adopt tools from vendors that could speed up the process but at a cost – the tools could themselves be complicated and they tended to obscure access to underlying code, limiting the...

April 21, 2011  3:19 PM

Looking at integration development

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
dev, middleware, Open source software, software modeling

A visual IDE models integration...</p>			</div>

			<span class=

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March 8, 2011  7:46 PM

Cloud Computing Modeling Notation (CCMN) for SOMF targets cloud services

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Cloud Services, Enterprise architecture, software modeling

Experienced SOA services developers are in a good position to make the leap to cloud computing services, but they may need new modeling tools and methods along the way. You can count modeling notations for cloud among such tools.

August 2, 2010  5:02 PM

Embedded systems and SOA: Strange bedfellows get closer as systems of systems

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
software modeling

Note on embedded systems - As the world becomes more computerized, embedded systems and enterprise systems are becoming intermixed.  Sensors and such now dot the globe, and the data...

June 24, 2009  10:31 PM

What are the principles of code generation?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Modeling, software modeling

By Rob Barry, News Writer What can help code generation succeed? Says Skyway’s Jack Kennedy,  code generation tools must offer options for post-generation changes. They must support round tripping, intelligent...

June 14, 2009  5:39 PM

UML to make way for AML?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
software modeling, UML

Will UML make way for AML? Neal Ford sings the song of the Arbitrary Modeling Language (AML) in a post that cleverly recounts UML's well-known shortcomings. We’d bet you could more than one of the original UML Three Amigos to give it a heavy crit too..


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