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December 29, 2009  7:23 PM

Top 10 SOA Talk posts of 2009 – part 1

Posted by: RobBarry

Even through the tough economy, SOA continued to evolve this year, bolstered by interest in cloud computing. As frameworks and specifications like OSGi and Java EE 6 pushed for more componentized enterprise applications, the Java world itself shook when Oracle announced its intent to buy Sun...

October 14, 2009  9:43 PM

At Microsoft P&P Summit, distributed systems headed today’s talks

Posted by: RobBarry

At the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Summit in Redmond today, SOA and distributed architectures were the topic of considerable discussion. Rockford Lhotka, principal technical evangelist at Microsoft partner Magnetic and creator of CSLA .NET, said SOA is nothing new. But he has started to see...

October 7, 2009  5:39 PM

Random notes from Gartner BPM Summit in Orlando.

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

I was thinking ... We often think of Agile as a trend within development and software architecture. But some of the tenets of this movement appear in the discussions of BPM advocates, many of them residing in Operations. SOA teams had better talk and walk the Agile talk and walk just as well as...

September 14, 2009  2:25 PM

Smart Jam from IBM and a side note

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

IBM is announcing a new set of professional services. They include IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud, IBM Mobile Enterprise Services for Managed Blackberry, and IBM Converged Communications Services. As  part of the push, IBM will feature a Jam – a large-scale webcast that will...

August 24, 2009  6:08 PM

As SOA reaches to the cloud, there’s no ignoring governance

Posted by: RobBarry
cloud computing, SOA

While cloud-based compute resources are seemingly infinite, providers charge by usage. Poorly organized development cycles and runtimes can end up costing an enterprise a hefty sum.

August 11, 2009  12:14 AM

Son of Summer of SOA – Will cloud displace Enterprise IT?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
cloud computing, SOA

The reduced pace of the summer seems to bring out the morbid curiosity in some of the best and brightest of SOA analysis. Last summer, if you recall, SOA began its death march, which culminated at the end of the year (when things are really really slow) with the pronouncement that “SOA is...

January 6, 2009  2:18 PM

If one SOA succeeds is SOA still dead? What if it succeeds and fails?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
SOA, User story

With all the blog enabled scuttlebutt ‘failed SOA,’ it is interesting to look at a SOA success story, albeit one that failed. Read on, Grasshopper!

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November 18, 2008  1:36 PM

Let’s look behind those SOA implementation numbers!

Posted by: Brein Matturro
Development, SOA, SOA development

There was a sky-is-falling frenzy in the blogosphere of late in reaction to a Gartner press release headlined: "Number of Organizations Planning to Adopt SOA for the First Time Is Falling Dramatically," writes Rich Seeley on But, perhaps, the glass is half full. Seeley takes a...

November 17, 2008  4:26 PM

Policy and contract focused architecture

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Composite applications, Enterprise architecture, SOA, SOA development, SOA governance

Perhaps architects are paying too much attention to the services when they work on service-oriented architecture implementation, writes Neil Ward-Dutton. He suggests that they might focus on "contract-and-policy-oriented architecture (CPOA)."

November 7, 2008  7:12 PM

Test SOA for the unexpected

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Enterprise architecture, Podcast, Security, SOA, SOA development, SOA governance, SOA infrastructure, SOA management, Software testing

Testing service-oriented architecture requires thinking outside the box to the point that your test cases hit an application with totally unexpected input, argues Thomas Fredell, CTO of IntraLinks.

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