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October 14, 2010  9:34 PM

Oracle middleware moves take back seat to hardware efforts

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Oracle, SOA

Driven by necessity, Oracle has become a more impressive middleware company in recent years. The middleware buildup is somewhat obscured for now by its hardware ambitions.

October 6, 2010  4:19 PM

SOA sensibility

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
SOA, web applications

Opinion - The clatter and chatter of the daily slog will tend to obscure underlying trends that eventually become quite vivid. Let's face it, one of SOA's big drivers was the industry wide push to Webify applications. That has no sign of slowing down! Other drivers are the seemingly unrelated...

June 1, 2010  4:02 PM

Joe McKendrick and the SOA experience

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

SOA and middleware over the last few years have proved to be areas full of both innovation and debate. Add the resurgence of BPM and you have a potent mix for any one publication to cover. That's just one of the reasons we at are glad to be working alongside the crew from,...

May 11, 2010  4:17 PM

Impact 2010: Ray Kurzweil and the magic of the exponential

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

At IBM Impact 2010 last week in Las Vegas, amid a wee bit of hoopla about a smarter planet, there was a bit of an old-time technology revival that took place, led by Ray Kurzweil—inventor of the CCD flatbed scanner, the text-to-speech synthesizer and the Kurzweil K250, the latter a very major...

April 27, 2010  6:43 PM

SOA and the Web of Semantics

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Cloud Services, SOA

Technology winds blow oddly. The technology itself is always moving ahead at one rate and the terms we use to describe technology change at another. Terms can be important step rungs for technology vendor and implementer alike, but the terms are somewhat arbitrary. Sometimes the terms are...

April 2, 2010  5:20 PM

Altair inventor Roberts dies at 68

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

Noting here that Ed Roberts, inventor of Altair personal computer, died at 68. There is no one person that can claim the invention of the personal computer. But the Altair inspired many others....

March 19, 2010  7:03 PM

Java Symposium keynote video – Oracle’s David Shaffer on the SOA and the layers of the cloud

Posted by: RobBarry
cloud computing, SOA

At TheServerSide Java symposium this year, excitement about hooking SOA into cloud computing abounds. In his keynote, "Application Grids and SOA," Oracle VP of product management David Shaffer talked about the three major sub-components of cloud computing. Infrastructure as a Service, comprising...

March 1, 2010  11:44 PM

For SOA vendors, healthcare industry a new gold rush?

Posted by: RobBarry

It seems as though the healthcare industry is weathering the recession pretty well—or so it looks from what some vendors have been investing in lately. Both Oracle and Axolotl Corp. released products today at the 2010 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference....

February 15, 2010  9:05 PM

Oracle continues acquisition trail with telco service broker

Posted by: RobBarry

Oracle announced on Feb. 10 that it has agreed to buy Convergin, provider of a J2EE-based service broker for the telecommunications industry. Through this acquisition, Oracle said it hopes to offer a carrier-grade, standards-based IT platform that allows communications service providers to evolve...

February 1, 2010  4:32 PM

SearchSOA, the video – the first season

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

Playing at the moment on the SearchSOA Video Library is “Middleware Minute” in which Rob Barry and I kick around some thoughts on the news of the day. In this case we discuss recent BPM mergers and Oracle’s...

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