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April 25, 2012  6:42 PM

Business processes benefit from SOA at The Open Group’s Cannes event

Posted by: James Denman
Conferences, Enterprise architecture, SOA

This week in Cannes, France, IT leaders gathered sea-side to discuss the current state—and future— of enterprise transformation. At The Open Group Conference, industry experts and entrepreneurs addressed the roles of enterprise architecture (EA) and IT in

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December 14, 2011  4:26 PM

Bhatt to head Progress

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Complex Event Processing (CEP), SOA, XML

Last week, Jay Bhatt took the reins at Progress Software Corp., the company announced. Bhatt will serve as president and CEO. Progress, which markets to both resellers and enterprise end-users, is...

October 4, 2011  9:27 PM

What do you think about business architecture?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, Enterprise architecture, SOA

When we spoke not long ago with Enterprise Architect Ramsay Millar, the discussion centered on the types of tools that you might utilize when pursuing a framework for SOA. Now we are...

August 17, 2011  4:53 PM

Random notes – Services boundaries, SOA certification, ESBs

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, ESB, SOA

A lot of the news in Service-Oriented Architecture now surfaces via blogs and Twitter. Long years after its inception, SOA still seems to generate controversy, although most people would agree that the controversy should not be overblown. Today we take a random look at a few notes afloat in the...

August 11, 2011  6:26 PM

Loose coupling per “201 Principles of Software Development”

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

Principle 73 in Alan Davis' 201 Principles of Software Development discusses the need for loose coupling of software components. This is a ''known unknown'' that bears repeating. Services composition remains a bit of a black art, and the key to successful application integration.

April 4, 2011  7:31 PM

Gartner places IBM at head of middleware crowd

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

By Ryan Cloutier - Gartner has named IBM the market leader in the application infrastructure and middleware space. According to Gartner, IBM holds a 32.6 percent market share - nearly double that of its closest competitor. This is the tenth consecutive year that IBM has led in Gartner's market...

March 28, 2011  3:41 PM

Forrester analysts: SOA still strong

Posted by: James Denman
ESB, SOA, SOA appliances, SOA development, SOA infrastructure



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February 8, 2011  7:59 PM

Got Cloud? Need SOA.

Posted by: James Denman
Cloud Services, SaaS, SOA

By Ryan Cloutier

Cloud computing is becoming a popular buzzword, which is leading...

November 10, 2010  3:38 PM

On App modernization, cloud computing and mashups

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Cloud Services, Enterprise mashups, legacy modernization, SOA

Key areas for application development and projects that use service-oriented architecture (SOA) include application modernization, cloud computing and enterprise data mashups. Today we take a second look at some recent content that explores these issues. A little while ago, we had...

November 1, 2010  7:42 PM

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it

Posted by: Brein Matturro

By Jack Vaughan Last week we called for readers to complete this sentence fragment: "You can't solve a problem … " The results provided an interesting look at the mind set needed to succeed as software architects and application development team members. It was a comment in an article by...

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