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November 29, 2011  5:02 PM

Middleware testing gets tougher

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
middleware, SOA performance management

From one SOA test expert's perspective, 2011 saw a notable rise in agile development and related open source test software. Meanwhile, middleware testing continues to grow more complicated. "What I saw this year was a rise of open source testing as an alternative to proprietary testing, as well...

October 18, 2011  9:21 PM

SOA tester provides deeper view of composite application integrations

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Composite applications, SOA performance management

SOA has driven major shifts in programming and computing. But major shifts mean major challenges and disruptions. In fact, although SOA has been around for a while, people are still busy solving some basic problems.

December 16, 2010  6:15 PM

Financial firm finds highly scaled testing for proliferating SOA services

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Ajax, SOA performance management, User story

The growth of Web-connected systems tapping into back-ends has led to a proliferation of services. The proliferation can lead to increased systems' loads. That expansion has led development shops to place more emphasis than ever on test and performance tools. Such an apparent case of ''if you...

September 22, 2010  3:40 PM

Veryant isCOBOL gets a graphical interface

Posted by: James Denman
Java, SOA performance management

Veryant, a COBOL and Java technology provider, released an update to the isCOBOL Applications Performance Suite (APS). The APS is a set of tools for developing, deploying and modernizing COBOL systems. According to Veryant, isCOBOL combines benefits of both COBOL and Java to allow organizations to...

October 9, 2009  7:42 PM

AmberPoint pursues subatomic BPM app managment

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
SOA performance management

AmberPoint’s new product release helps determine which business processes are getting hung up, and also points to where within the process the problem lives. When AmberPoint is implemented, it maps out the entire deploy landscape of the system it is attached to. Users can then configure it to...

September 24, 2009  10:07 PM

SPEC group targets SOA benchmark

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
SOA performance management, SOA standards

A long standing standards body is taking a stab at measuring SOA performance. The SPEC benchmark group is interested in hearing from people on this topic. Current SPEC member companies committed to developing a new SOA application measurement standard include IBM, Oracle and VMware.

June 18, 2009  8:53 PM

APM suite from Oracle updated with Composite Application Monitor and Modeler

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
SOA performance management

As production distributed systems gain in variety and size, application developers are often drawn out of their development cubical to sort through the trail of a failed complex transaction. This is popular with no one. Oracle is seeking to address this and related issues, with the newest version...


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