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November 1, 2012  8:50 PM

Decoupled design of the Web API kind

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, Microsoft, SOA

When WCF started, the focus was on decoupling. That was a basic SOA tenet, and Microsoft, though it was not that big a singer in the SOA choir, took those principles to heart in formulating .NET design patterns. Of course, the REST dialect of SOA has gained traction. REST can’t exactly be called...

October 25, 2011  3:47 PM

Azure adds integrating Service Bus

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, Cloud Services

The Microsoft Azure cloud effort is a fairly stupendous technology undertaking, but it remains somewhat unknown beyond the ranks of .NET development teams. At the outset, Microsoft started with a bit of clean slate – it skipped SQL support. Based on customer feedback, it has adjusted along the...

September 19, 2011  9:09 PM

SOA Software updates SOA management for Microsoft WCF

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, SOA governance

Microsoft created its own world with its own language for .NET. This has created a veil that is sometimes difficult to see through. It walks its own path, and has never hyped SOA to the extent other...

September 14, 2011  3:30 PM

GigaSpaces improves Java coverage for Microsoft’s Azure compute cloud

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, Cloud Services, Java

When Microsoft first rolled out its Windows Azure cloud computing architecture, it stepped a bit out of persona, going so far as to support work on a Java SDK...

October 18, 2010  8:57 PM

Light-weight apps and the LightSwitch development kit

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, SOA development

Enterprise-scale applications – by that we mean big banger ''let's-change-the-way-we-do-things-around-here'' enterprise applications – are what we want to do, right? Of course. It is in human nature to want to make a strong impact.

August 23, 2010  4:15 PM

Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1: More patterns for Azure

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, Cloud Services

This week Microsoft released Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 to MSDN subscribers. It supports deployment on a Windows desktop, in Silverlight in a browser or as a cloud-based application running Azure.  This...

January 7, 2010  7:44 PM

IBM explores OData

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, cloud computing

It is interesting when Microsoft describes an Open Data Protocol (OData) protocol to let .NET clients grab data from data sources via a REST interface working with ADO.NET Data Services.  It is interesting again when the

December 18, 2009  7:32 PM

Microsoft extends beta for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4

Posted by: RobBarry
.NET, Microsoft

Through the ongoing beta period of VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4, Microsoft has found some performance issues, particularly around virtual memory usage, writes S....

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October 26, 2009  8:46 PM

Entity Framework talks to Oracle data

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
.NET, Data integration

Two big industry players whose paths cross in strange ways are Microsoft and Oracle. They may support each others tools and data bases, but they don’t always keep the course as different products go into different revs. A recent example of this is the ADO.NET Entity Framework…

November 15, 2008  10:10 AM

Application modernization: COBOL meets .NET

Posted by: Heather Clancy
.NET, Enterprise architecture, Java, Microsoft

How will IT organizations maintain the COBOL applications written by the whiz kid programmers of the 1970s? Continued »

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