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April 12, 2012  7:19 PM

SoaML design addressed with model accelerator

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Modeling, SOA development

Over the years, UML has quietly become a trusted modeling notation across a broad ribbon of application development.  But its utility for SOA has not been vividly apparent. The SoaML UML extension arose as a means to wed UML and SOA, but its uptake has been narrow. ''There's a lot of room for...

April 13, 2010  8:54 PM

OMG finalizes SoaML

Posted by: Mpontacoloni

The Object Management Group (OMG) approved a final version of SoaML (short for Service-oriented architecture modeling language) at a meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, last month. SoaML, a profile of UML, is designed to help users design and implement a service-oriented...

August 20, 2009  9:00 PM

Going Skyway: Using Eclipse, modeling and Spring MVC

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Java, Modeling

Surprisingly, perhaps, modeling has been somewhat downplayed among application development teams pursuing JEE apps – that is probably even more true in Spring-style development. But modeling can be a means to help achieve well-formed, reusable services. Some call that ''SOA.'' Among offerings...

June 24, 2009  10:31 PM

What are the principles of code generation?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Modeling, software modeling

By Rob Barry, News Writer What can help code generation succeed? Says Skyway’s Jack Kennedy,  code generation tools must offer options for post-generation changes. They must support round tripping, intelligent...

December 22, 2008  12:26 PM

How Green was my SOA?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

As part of a large company-wide drive, IBM even promotes SOA as a play in the area of Green (energy-saving) computing. The company just released a so-called SOA Sandbox project online trial that provides instructions for...

December 18, 2008  2:04 PM

SoaML targets top-down, bottom up or meet-in-the-middle modeling

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Modeling, UML

Signs are beginning to appear pointing the way to SoaML, an OMG-backed specification meant to bring a new type of modeling capability to the service-oriented world. SoaML’s goal is to provide SOA modeling of services within UML, without making changes to UML. As part of that, the spec seeks to...

October 31, 2008  5:50 PM

SOA meets Cloud Computing at Microsoft PDC

Posted by: Heather Clancy
.NET, cloud computing, Composite applications, Development, Microsoft, Modeling, REST, SOA, SOA development

For Microsoft there seemed to be a somewhat humbler tone at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles this past week. Even the biggest new SOA modeling and Cloud Computing initiatives were described as “nascent” works in progress and subject to change.

October 6, 2008  3:12 PM

Microsoft’s muddled modeling: Getting the ducks in line

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Microsoft, Modeling, SOA

Microsoft basically has a sturdy place in the enterprise, but its role just now is very fluid. Of course, its Windows servers have been in the enterprise a long time, and its tools are very prevalent. But its success with desktop-based developer tools is only slowly converting to success with...

August 12, 2008  4:37 PM

Inside Architecture on unified frameworks

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

Microsoft Nick Malik recently blogged on "Inside Architecture" about features that would have to be included in a comprehensive framework for enterprise architecture. There would have to more communication and sharing between models, he writes. A published taxonomy is another recommendation that...

June 9, 2008  9:24 AM

Bill Gates shakes up SOA – Oslo embraces UML

Posted by: StorageSwiss
.NET, Apache Tuscany, Microsoft, Modeling, Service Component Architecture, SOA development, UML

It hasn't received much attention in SOA circles yet, but last week Bill Gates broke what might be the biggest news Microsoft has made in the SOA space since the debut of .NET. At the TechEd conference in Orlando, Fla. he announced

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