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Enterprise architecture

January 11, 2011  3:42 PM

News on architecture and integration from 2010

Posted by: James Denman
Complex Event Processing (CEP), Enterprise architecture, integration, web applications

The SOA Talk blog consistently covers new and interesting developments in the world SOA and enterprise architecture. We gleaned the cream of the crop from all of 2010 for this special on...

December 20, 2010  4:50 PM

From point-to-point to any-to-any to hub-and-spoke and back

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture, SOA development

There was a time when EAI was the anti-thesis of SOA, but Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is making a bit of a comeback within the SOA firmament. The fact is that it never...

December 15, 2010  2:57 PM

UML 2.0 tools push MDA

Posted by: Kkriz
Enterprise architecture

By Kathleen Kriz Modern modeling languages are constantly developing and changing – this includes the most prominent, the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  A 2.3 update to UML is supported by training and new tools from vendor No Magic, Inc. Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic,...

November 10, 2010  6:16 PM

Server converts facts and rules into actions

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture

Writer Coleen Frye recently spoke with Grindwork Corp.'s Brian Jones. When he co-founded Grindwork, the thought was “let’s make a declarative language that works with rules and facts and eliminates...

July 26, 2010  4:27 PM

SOA and EA at The Open Group Boston conference

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture, SOA infrastructure

Sometimes the news is that there is nothing new. We saw an example of that recently. ‘’The exciting thing is that there is nothing new and exciting,’’ said Dr. Chris Harding. With that statement the forum director of the SOA Work Group ironically observed that the hype and ballyhoo of...

February 1, 2010  6:37 PM

Pegasystems says Agile BPM this way comes

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture

SOA projects suffered at times from the usual project culprits – a fatalistically long ‘long view,’ feature bloat, scope creep and just an overall case of boil-the-ocean ambition. Somewhere along the way BPM stepped up and began seeding a great many smaller projects carefully designed to pay...

June 18, 2009  8:46 PM

OMG call for input on UML roadmap

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture

More than a few people feel UML took a turn with its 2.0 version that helped improve the lot of embedded systems vendors and their customers, but did not improve the lot of rank and file developers. All that was some time ago. Now UML steward

May 19, 2009  2:39 PM

Trends in BPM and modeling

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture, Enterprise mashups

Technologies rarely evolve neatly in straight lines. Instead they bump into one another, and influence each others’ directions. Think of a rack of billiard balls when the cue ball strikes! As an example, look at the technologies that converged in IBM’s recent

April 27, 2009  6:20 PM

Watching the Feds pick a CTO and CIO

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture

Over the years, the Federal government has had considerable influence in seeking to define the role of Enterprise Architect. As a new administration gets rolling in Washington, there is some chance that its approach to hiring a new chief federal CIO and CTO will affect future trends in EA. The CIO...

December 16, 2008  3:53 PM

Bruce Silver on BPMN

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
Enterprise architecture

We have heard the story of aligning IT and development before, haven’t we? That the story is told over and over does not make it a bad story per se. Some stories bear retelling. If the details change over time, that is helpful. I mention this while perusing one of the more useful BPM-related...

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