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February 21, 2012  7:57 PM

The Big Dig and difficult software

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, Enterprise architecture, legacy modernization

Software is magic - sometimes it’s magic out of control. Bad software projects, SOA or otherwise, need good analogies. So, we talk about The Long March, The Project from Hell and so on. A recent conversation adds a new analogy to the canon:

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October 4, 2011  9:27 PM

What do you think about business architecture?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, Enterprise architecture, SOA

When we spoke not long ago with Enterprise Architect Ramsay Millar, the discussion centered on the types of tools that you might utilize when pursuing a framework for SOA. Now we are...

August 17, 2011  4:53 PM

Random notes – Services boundaries, SOA certification, ESBs

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, ESB, SOA

A lot of the news in Service-Oriented Architecture now surfaces via blogs and Twitter. Long years after its inception, SOA still seems to generate controversy, although most people would agree that the controversy should not be overblown. Today we take a random look at a few notes afloat in the...

November 10, 2010  6:10 PM

Systematic and SOA-Style Magic Quadrants – Software AG pursues integration

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
business capabilities, SOA governance

While some others run from the SOA tag, services pioneer Software AG continues to push hard on the SOA front – But it is also a primer player in the general middleware field as well. These dual sides of integration – one in which SOA is prominent, the other in which SOA may be incidental or...


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