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January 8, 2014  8:49 PM

Apigee dives into big data predictive analytics with InsightsOne acquistion

Posted by: Maxine Giza
API, cloud computing, Development

API management company Apigee announced Wednesday it acquired InsightsOne, which...

December 30, 2013  7:19 PM

Mobile poised to continue holding place as prominent technology

Posted by: Maxine Giza
API, Development, Mobile device development

This has been a year of innovation and change for IT professionals, thanks to ongoing development in the cloud and mobile spheres. Mobile Backend as a Service, for example,...

September 20, 2012  6:03 PM

Goodbye to three-tier computing?

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
API, data architecture, Java, RIA, SOA

Software in the original mainframe days was all glommed together. Why not? Who was looking? Sometimes, reluctantly, some structure came about. Even in the early mid-range days, code was built up into classes, objects and components that were often loosely strung together. With standard Java and...

August 13, 2012  5:57 PM

APIs in the news as trawls for dollars

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
API, middleware

Summer is known for vacation and relaxation, as many TV commercials attest. It also can be a time of unrest and revolution, as U.S. and French history attest. Maybe the season explains the timing of some upheaval in the fledgling field of

July 11, 2012  8:28 PM

Consumerization of IT and SOA integration

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
API, middleware, Mobile device development, REST

An odd phenomenon these days is the consumerization of IT, which WhatIs describes as the “blending of personal and business use of technology devices and applications.”...

June 20, 2012  5:03 PM

On courting discerning API developers

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

The process of attracting independent developers to public APIs has gained importance as the app store marketplace proves increasingly relevant and lucrative. Unfortunately, many companies trying to woo developers with their APIs are using marketing techniques that have little...

May 31, 2012  4:06 PM

The changing state of APIs

Posted by: Jack Vaughan

At work today is a new breed of API. It relies on SOA, but has a new twist. The open or Web API movement has a capacity to dramatically change the status quo, altering the relationships of business leaders and developers, organizations and consumers. In a recent interview with...

April 4, 2012  7:10 PM

APIs for cars at EclipseCon 2012

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
API, Mobile device development, Web services

Can automobiles ride mobile and open source application development trends and become more programmable?  Can the car become an app market place for innovation and software development? It may be possible, to hear T.J. Giuli tell of it. Giuli, a technical expert at Ford Motor Company’s...

March 28, 2012  11:58 AM

Cloud computing, virtual image sprawl and labor costs

Posted by: Jack Vaughan
API, Cloud Services, Enterprise architecture

COMMENTARY - The virtual machine image, a powerful driver of cloud computing, may be described as a tiger few can easily ride. The VMs are proliferating....

March 5, 2012  3:36 PM

Node.js: Bubbling up from JavaScript

Posted by: Brein Matturro

Jack Vaughan, Site Editor

Bubbling under the mainstream of computing these days is the fast growing phenomenon of Node.js – a framework built on Google’s Chrome JavaScript...


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